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Sabotage (1936) - B&W - 80 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Sabotage - with John Loder, Oskar Homolka, Sylvia Sidney,Desmond Tester,William Dewhurst, Joyce Barbour, and Matthew Boulton. Based on the story “The Secret Agent“ by Joseph Conrad.

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Directed by - Alfred Hitchcock

(1936) - B&W - 80 min

Part one
Somebody has sabotaged the power plant- and all the lights go out. Mr. Carl Verloc (Oskar Homolka) owner of a movie theatre is part of plot. Sylvia, his wife and her younger brother Steve are not aware of Carl's nasty intrigue.

The Sabateur - Carl Veloc (Oskar Homolka)

Inspector Ted, undercover - with the naive Sylvia Verloc, Carl's wife

Part two
Police Sergeant Ted Spencer (John Loder) works undercover for Scotland yard. Ted is certain he saw Verloc sneeking in the alley before the power failure. Carl meets with some other sabateurs to devise a more ambitious scheme!

Little Stevie with a bundle

Part three
Okay - Ted invites Mrs. Verloc and little Stevie to Simpsons - a swank dining establishment. In a classic case of Government waste - Scotland Yard is going to pick up the tab, but then Ted, the hero decides better of it. Ted probes Sylvia and Ted for background on Carl. Meanwhile, Ted's partner, Hollingshead (S.J. Warmington) follows Carl to a shady pet store. And on Saturday - 1:45 PM. It goes BOOM!

Sabotage Message Board

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Directed by - Alfred Hitchcock

Starring - John Loder, Oskar Homolka, Sylvia Sidney

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Little Stevie, Mrs. Verloc's younger brother

Part four
Yeah - classic Hitchcock. Edge of your seat suspense. We're not gonna spoil it either so just watch it!

Part five
See part 4 - go watch it...

Part six
Does Ted get his man? And what about Sylvia, Little Stevie, and Carl? Watch the conclusion!

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