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Subterfuge (1969) - B&W - 94 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Subterfuge - with Gene Barry, Joan Collins, Richard Todd and Michael Rennie. Gene Barry is an agent who keeps his wife in the dark till she gets involved in the intrigue. A good story and fine acting complete this action packed movie.

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Directed by - Peter Graham Scott

(1969) - B&W - 94 min

Part one
Donovan (Gene Barry) has a meeting with a confederate and gets chased by some bad guys. Meanwhile, Anne Langley meets with Col. Victor Redmayne (Richard Todd), an agency director, who tells her that her husband wants a transfer.

With Joan Collins as Anne Langley, unhappy wife of secret agent Peter Langley

Donovan is on the torture table with Suzanna Leigh working the knob!

Part two
Donavon meets an informer at the restaurant when a lady scratches him with her purse. Donovan gets chased and taken prisoner where he is tortured by an odd Kafkaesque electrical device. Shevik (Marius Goring) and the bad guys want to stick Donovan in a trunk and send him somewhere.

Starring Suzanna Leigh

Part three
Okay - Dr. Lundgren isn't really Dr. Lundgren, but a fellow agent of Donavon, Peter Langley (Tom Adams). He helps Donavon escape and they put the blond Donetta (Suzanna Leigh) in the trunk. A funny chase scene with the boys in lab coats on motorcycles with sidecars. Donovan meets with Col. Redmayne and Peter Langley. Donovan gets sent to NYC and off the case, but the case follows him to NY. He gets some instructions to meet Goldsmith (Michael Rennie) at an empty stadium. Somebody's dirty in the agency - it's either Redmayne, Langley, or Kitteridge (Colin Gordon) . Donovan is also supposed to meet Mrs. Langley.

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Directed by - Peter Graham Scott

Starring - Joan Collins, Gene Barry, Michael Rennie, Suzanna Leigh, Richard Todd

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Gene Barry as Michael Donovan

Part four
Donovan meets Mrs. Langley in the park where her son Michael and her are playing with boats. Donovan saves Michael and gets invited home. Donovan and Michael go the zoo and Donovan gets closer to Mrs. Langley. Peter Langley returns and fights with his wife, and decides he's leaving. Donovan goes out on a date with Mrs. Langley.

Richard Todd as Col. Redmayne

Part five
Redmayne meets with Peter Langley and tells him their being watched. He encourages Peter to take his wife on a vacation. Meanwhile, Donovan gets closer to Mrs. Langley - then Peter calls to tell her to meet him at the station tomorrow AM. She goes to the station to tell Peter to get lost - when Peter tells him Donovan is a "security agent" with the USA - a ruthless killer.

Marius Goring as the villain!

Part six
Anne is cold to Donovan till she learns that her son Michael has been taken by Peter. She uses Donovan as bait to get her son back - meanwhile - who is the double agent? IS it Redmayne? or is it Peter Langley? or could it be Kitteridge?

Part seven
Lots of action in as we find out who the double agent is. Will Donovan get up with Anne? or will she go off with Peter? Is Peter even alive? And what about the boy? Tune in for the conclcusion of Subterfuge!

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