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Unknown Hinson - Venus Bound (1999) - B&W - 5 min

Unknown Hinson, the crazy redneck crooner, sings this delightful tale, “Venus Bound“, about his trip to Venus, where he plans to act as the paternal force for a planet full of women. Why - Because “They need a man to help 'em breed. That means the young-uns will all look like me!“ Check out this hilarious music video! Highly recommended.

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Unknown Hinson - Venus Bound
Directed by - Jim Nicholson

(1999) - B&W - 5 min

I'm blastin' off to that Venus place!

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LikeTelevision™ Sci-Fi
Unknown Hinson - Venus Bound
Directed by - Jim Nicholson

Starring - Unknown Hinson

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And I'm going to be their King!

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