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Dover Boys at 'ol PU (1942) - B&W - 7 min

The Dover Boys at 'ol PU is a classic. Tom, Dick and Larry - the three Dover Boys are the BMOC at Pimento U. (BMOC - big men on campus). This cartoon features terrific singing, great comedy and pokes fun at the Ivy league singing groups like Yale's Whiffonpoofs or The Wheaton Whims. Forget your troubles and check out this great animation - it's Dover Boys at 'ol PU! “A pox on Yale - poo poo Purdue“

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Dover Boys at 'ol PU
Directed by - Chuck Jones

(1942) - B&W - 7 min
What's with that guy who appears every now and comes in with his silly walk! This one is a classic!

Miss Dora Stanpipe and Tom Dover

The guy with the silly walk!

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Dover Boys at 'ol PU
Directed by - Chuck Jones

Starring - Tom, Dick, Larry

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Dan Backslide, arch enemy of The Dover Boys - he loves Miss Dora Stanpipe! How he loves her...father's money that is!

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