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October (1927) - B&W - 60 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents October - directed by Sergei Eeisenstein, a master filmaker in the early days of the medium. The film is a historical account of the Russian Revolution in October 25, 1917. Originally, this film was silent - music was added later by Sergei's assisant, Grigori Aleksandrov.

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Directed by - Sergei Eisenstein

(1927) - B&W - 60 min

Part one
The movie opens with a 3 minute overview in Russian with impossible to read subtitles. Most of the more interesting parts (years, music, dates and whatever are pretty clear however)

Power to the people! Right on!

Part two
The people become more upset as the Bolsheviks rise to power. They are all concerned with having bread to eat and the provisional Government tries to sway votes by declaring the new system will mot provide the people with bread.

Part three
Kornolov is advancing - and the Proletariats must defend Petrograd at any cost. The men, women and children band together - and release many of their captured comrades from prison. They overtake the armory and get back their weapons. The workers win and arrest Kornolv. Next, Lenin, Trotsky and other leading Bolsheviks decide to forge ahead - the Revolution was on - October 25, 1917 at 10am. By now - you should be amazed how well Eisenstein is communicating with images and beautiful editing. If you create, edit or write - this masterpiece is so inspirational. An amazing display of talent and insane levels of work. (done by hand - without the aid of today's machines, software, timecode and save as features)

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Directed by - Sergei Eisenstein

Starring - Lenin

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Part four
More intrigue - The Aurora sails to Neve, filled with soldiers ready to attack. The Bolsheviks build their own forces and so does the provisional Government. One unit called Women's Death Battalion - to the last drop of blood. Some pretty stout soldiers here ... I wouldn't mess with these fine young ladies. Somehow - the provisional government was still together - despite the fact that the capital was controlled by the workers and the soldiers. So in a dramatic vote - the Bolsheviks gain power by the will of the people - but the other party hangs on.

Part five
The Bolsheviks become divided - on e faction wanting to appease - the other wanting to attack and implement the new socialist state in Russia - soon to be - the Soviet Union. The final battle takes place and power is officially transferred - Oct 25, 1917. Watch the conclusion and see for yourself.

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