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Dragnet - The Big Trunk (1953) - B&W - 25 min

All right! Up against the wall fat boy! More Jack Webb! In this episode, a criminal kills a lady on skid row and Joe tries to find the identity of a “jumper“ (suicide from leaping off tall buildings) with only laundry tags as a clue to go on. The killer gets the gas chamber at San Quentin!

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Dragnet - The Big Trunk
Directed by - Jack Webb

(1953) - B&W - 25 min

Part one

Joe listens to the "perps" with a hidden microphone and a vintage reel to reel.

The tools of the trade

Part two

Part three

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Dragnet - The Big Trunk
Directed by - Jack Webb

Starring - Jack Webb

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Nice record meters Joe! And a pre-amp!

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