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Popeye - Customers Wanted (1956) - Color - 7 min

Popeye and Brutus are running competing Penny Arcades along the boardwalk. Early arcade “moving picture“ machines show flashbacks to early Popeye and Brutus fights! Wimpy gets to enjoy all of the shows for free! (yea right, like he's really going to pay them back on Tuesday!)

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Popeye - Customers Wanted
Directed by - Dave Fleischer

(1956) - Color - 7 min

No Popeye - don't fall for the old electric "Test your Strength" trick?

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Popeye - Customers Wanted
Directed by - Dave Fleischer

Starring - Popeye the Sailor Man

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Brutus and Popeye sure have lots of spare time to play professional baseball!

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