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Chinese Connection (1973) - Color - 105 min

The LikeTelevision™ Classic TV channel proudly presents The Chinese Connection - starring Bruce Lee as Chen Zhen, a martial arts student who seeks revenge on those responsible for his master's death. The Chinese martial arts school is at war with the Japanese school - lots of incredible action from the master himself.

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Chinese Connection
Directed by - Wei Lo

(1973) - Color - 105 min

Part one
The master of a Chinese Martial Arts School is found dead under suspicious circumstances. The top student, Chen Zhen played by Bruce Lee is crushed and wants to find out the truth.

The Japanese interpreter taunts Chen Zhen in part two. But he pays for it later on!

Part two
More intrigue as a group from a Japanese Martial Arts School crashes the murdered Master's Funeral with a warning to the Chinese. Chen Zhen decides to go to the Japanese school and takes on everyone including Susuki (Riki Hoshimoto) the teacher.

Part three
Starts off with the classic scene where Bruce smashes the "No Dogs or Chinese Allowed" sign. The Japanese school comes back and trashes the Chinese school. Behind the scenes, Mr. Big is trying to shut down the school and applying political pressure. They bring in a huge Russian who likes to bend bars around his forearm. Bruce Lee dons some great disguises and has a great scene as a telephone geek.

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Chinese Connection
Directed by - Wei Lo

Starring - Bruce Lee, Nora Miao, Riki Hoshimoto

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Part four
A crazy little bump and grind segment - as Susuki, the Russian, and all the other bad guys drink too much rice wine. Chen Zhen finds out more about who killed his master. More kung fu fighting!

Part five
Will the bad guys get their way? What happens when the Russian meets up with Chen Zhen? Watch the conclusion to The Chinese Connection and see for yourself!

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