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Beat Girl (1960) - B&W - 80 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents Beat Girl - starring Gillian Hills as the rebellious teen, Jennifer. Her Dad, a rich architect has just married a young French woman with a secret past. When Jennifer finds out some sordid details, she makes life miserable for her new Mere and finds refuge at The Off Beat Cafe with her Surf-A-Billy, jive talkin', Elvis wanna-be poet friends!

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Beat Girl
Directed by - Edmond T. Gr?ville

(1960) - B&W - 80 min
Music by John Barry & Trevor Peacock

Part one
Really groovy music track by the great John Barry. Check out John Barry's other music credits - Dances with Wolves, Masquerade, Peggy Sue Got Married, Octopussy, Man with the Golden Gun and many more. Jennifer's dad Paul (David Farrar) comes back with his new young bride named Nichole played by No?lle Adam (a.k.a. The French Poodle by Beat Girl's cohorts). Jennifer is a brat and doesn't like her at all.

The nuclear family enjoys a spot of tea

Ooooh - cool brother, lay it down, Yeah!

Part two
Nichole gets a grand tour of City 2000 - a scale model of an acoustic city, designed to be quiet. It seems Dad loves City 2000 more than his whiny offspring. Jennifer checks out to the hip Off Beat Cafe for some deep psychobabble about music, art and pain. Really classic jive talking.

Dave (Adam Faith) - "Elvis" with his magic guitar, which makes drum, bass, piano and horn sounds. Most amazing -An expensive technological breakthrough for the time.

Part three
Dad has a big meeting to sell City 2000, and he's all excited until Jennifer tells him she met an old friend of Nichole who is a stripper. It seems Nichole has a sleazy past from her days in Paris. Jennifer does her best to sully Nichole's reputation, so she decides to venture into the men's club - "Les Girls" to find out more about Nichole's past from the stripper. More great music and scenes from the swanky club. Christopher Lee plays Kenny, the sleazy proprietor of "Les Girls". He thinks Jennifer would be a great new dancer.

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Beat Girl
Directed by - Edmond T. Gr?ville

Starring - Gillian Hills, David Farrar, No?lle Adam, Christopher Lee, Oliver Reed, Nigel Green

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Showing off City 2000!

Part four
A crazy Beatnik scene with jazzy surf music as the gang throws a party in a cave! All kinds of Daddio jive talk and killer period music, ...twang ho! Dave wows the crowd with prehistoric rock 'n roll. Then the gang goes for a wild car ride, plays chicken with an oncoming train, and move the party to Jennifer's house for more jive talking and music.

Look out for the letter opener!

Part five
Jennifer want to get lively and starts a little striptease till her Dad comes home and sends the gang packing. Jennifer wants more dirt on Nichole and her search takes her to Les Girls. Oh my gosh - not the letter opener! Somebody gets killed, Dave's car and guitar get trashed by Teddy Boys - wild jive music and action. See it all in the conclusion of Beat Girl.

Beat Girl's breasts a bobbin' as the bobbys bust the beat girl!

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Introducing Gillian Hills as Jennifer!

Christopher Lee as Kenny, the owner of the Strip Club - Les Girls!

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Filled with angst and self-loathing, these juveniles got it all! (With Oliver Reed as Plaid Guy)

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