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Spy in Black (1939) - B&W - 80 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents Spy in Black - a dark episonage thriller starring Conrad Veidt as Captain Hardt, the German U-Boat spy trying to infiltrate a top secret British naval base in the Orkney Isles. Enjoy the many plot twists and ironies of this classic war movie.

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Spy in Black
Directed by - Michael Powell

(1939) - B&W - 80 min

Part one
Captain Hardt (Conrad Veidt) is on leave at a fancy hotel when he is given orders to report to duty for a special mission.

Captain Hardt and the school teacher spy, Frau Tiel (Valerie Hobson) scope out all the ships in the harbor and plan an attack

Part two
A school teacher, Anne Burnett, who was called to serve at the secret British naval base gets abducted by an old lady spy and another young spy, Frau Tiel, who assumes her role as school teacher for the secret base. Meanwhile, Captain Hardt makes plans to take his U-Boat through a huge mine field to get to the remote location.

Part three
Captain Hardt meets up with the school teacher spy and they scope out the harbor and plan their attack. The two spies meet with a disgruntled British officer, Lt Ashington, who will divulge the times when the convoy of ships will be vulnerable. Also - a surpirse visit from the fiance of the real school teacher, Anne Burnett.

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Spy in Black
Directed by - Michael Powell

Starring - Conrad Veidt, Sebastian Shaw, Valerie Hobson, Marius Goring, June Duprez, Athole Stewart

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Conrad Veidt as Captain Hardt

Part four
Lt. Ashington gives the information to the two spies and they plan their attack. We also learn that Frau Tiel, the German spy isn't really Frau Tiel - she's a British counter-spy named Jill Blacklock, who is married to Cmdr. Blacklock, who also goes by the name of Lt. Ashington. Meanwhile - Captain Hardt tells Frau Tiel (Jill Blacklock) that he likes her and gives her a kiss. Later, he escapes from his room when Jill goes to meet her husband.

Part five
Captain Hardt takes over a British steamer that is hauling some German prisoners. All kinds of ironic twists and turns continue as the spy and all his plans fall apart. Watch the thrilling conclusion to Spy in Black with Conrad Veidt.

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