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Once Before I Die (1965) - Color - 97 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents Once Before I Die - a war time romantic tragedy with Ursula Andress and John Derek. A US calvary unit stationed in the Phillipines during WWII are caught off guard after Pearl Harbor as the Japanese invade.

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Once Before I Die
Directed by - John Derek

(1965) - Color - 97 min

Part one
A group of soldiers are playing some polo when a pack of Japanese Zeros spray bullets all over the field. The holiday is over as the war comes to the island. Alex (Ursula Andress) is in love with Major Bailey (John Derek), who tries to help her escape to Europe.

Ursula Andress as Alex, Major Bailey's fiance

Ursula Andress and John Derek

Part two
The roads are jammed with refugees trying to get out. Alex is stuck but Bailey helps her turn the car around. The locals start to take sides and Japanese sympathizers or profiteers cause trouble for the soldiers. Meanwhile, Custer (Richard Jaeckel) is a mad dog commando who enjoys his job as a killing machine...

Part three
More trouble awaits them as Alex, Major Bailey the the soldiers try to escape on horseback. Major Bailey is saddened by the horrors of war and his inability to save Alex. Then, while getting a good luck Teddy Bear, he blows himself with a hand grenade by accident.

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LikeTelevision™ Movies
Once Before I Die
Directed by - John Derek

Starring - Ursula Andress, John Derek, Richard Jaeckel, Ron Ely, Jock Mahoney, Rod Lauren

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Ron Ely - TV Tarzan

Part four
Alex is disraught - and broken by Major Bailey's death. Then a young 19 year soldier who is afraid of killed tells her he is a virgin. And that he can never be a man without having made love to a woman. He decides to consent - while the rest of the soldiers are engaged in a tank battle. Very bizarre.

Part five
Will Alex get out alive? Will the kid die? Will Custer kill all the Japanese? And what about Ron Ely? Will he play Tarzan? Find out for yourself in the thrilling conclusion to "Once Before I Die"!

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