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Detour (1945) - B&W - 67 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents Detour - a film noire classic and a cult favorite. Al Roberts, a struggling piano player, decides to hitch a ride to California to meet up with his girlfriend Sue Harvey - who used to sing with his band. Everything goes haywire as Al gets caught up in twists of fate, accidents, and a crazy lady named Vera.

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Directed by - Edgar G. Ulmer

(1945) - B&W - 67 min

Part one
Al is in a diner brooding. He's got a short temper and is edgy when a trucker comes over to talk. Then Al starts talking to himself.

Tom Neal as Al Roberts

Edmund MacDonald as Charles Haskell, Jr.

Part two
As Al lays out his story - we learn of his girlfriend Sue Harvey (Claudia Drake) - who blows Al off to pursue a career in Hollywood. She was the singer in Al's band - but she's moving on to LA. Finally, Al decides to follow her out there - and hitches a ride from a Mr. Charles Haskell.

Claudia Drake as Sue Harvey, Al's girl

Part three
Al is driving - and it starts to rain. When he pulls over and tries to put up the roof - Charles Haskell falls out of the car and his head hits a rock - thump, dead. Al diposes of the body, grabs $700, and heads off in Haskell's car. He continues on his trip taking on Haskell's identity. Later - he picks up a women at a gas station named Vera (Ann Savage). It seems Vera caught a ride w/ the real Charles Haskell and knows something stinks. But - she's a low life and wants to cut herself in on Haskell's money.

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Directed by - Edgar G. Ulmer

Starring - Tom Neal, Ann Savage, Claudia Drake, Edmund MacDonald, Tim Ryan, Esther Howard, Don Brodie

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Ann Savage as Vera

Part four
Vera comes up with a scheme to sell Haskell's car to a dealer and take the proceeds for herself. Then she'll let Al go. They try to sell the car - when Vera learns Haskell has a rich father who is dying of pneumonia - and she wants Al to pose as Charles and pick up the inheritance.

Al thumbs a ride

Part five
Will Al get out alive? Will Vera convince Al to go for the inheritance? And what about the telephone? Find out for yourself and see all the twists and turns in the thrilling conclusion to Detour!

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