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Night Court USA - Episode three (1958) - B&W - 25 min

The LikeTelevision™ Classic TV channel proudly presents the Night Court USA - Nope, sorry, this isn't the one with Markie Post, Harry Anderson or John Laraquette - this is the original! Before Judge Judy, Judge Wapner or Johnny Cochran, this is one of the first TV courtroom “real life re-enactment's, only the names have changed“ shows!

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Night Court USA - Episode three
Directed by - Jay Jostyn

(1958) - B&W - 25 min

Part one
Our first "felon" is a man who punched his neighbor out for beating his dog. Judge Jay decides it was justifiable assault and battery.

Judge Jay

The geek gets drunk and causes trouble

Part two
Two comedians come before Judge Jay due to a loud agrument they had at the night club. It seems the two can't agree what is funny and who gets top billing! Also, a lady who is an early psychic advisor decides to rip off the ladies at a seance - by picking their purses during the spiritual visitation. Make sure you see You Asked for It episode that debunks mediums.

Part three
A young accountant gets fired and celebrates because he hates his job so much. Though not a drinker - he ties one on and disturbs the peace!

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LikeTelevision™ Classic TV
Night Court USA - Episode three
Directed by - Jay Jostyn

Starring - Jay Jostyn

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