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You Asked For It - Episode seven (1950) - B&W - 27 min

The LikeTelevision™ Classic TV channel proudly presents You Asked For It!, Television's Greatest Request Show. This episode features a man that catches a bullet in his teeth, a real Hurdy Gurdy man - complete with organ grinder and monkey, some very cool live radio Foley masters, a pair of Japanese Kendo fighters, and some funny clowns on ice skates who tour with The Ice Follies, circa 1952!

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You Asked For It - Episode seven
Directed by - Art Baker

(1950) - B&W - 27 min

Part one
Features a guy who catches a bullet in his teeth!

The Bullet Catch Trick!

Very cool Live radio Foley experts!

Part two
Features a short commercial for Skippy peanut butter- Yum times three!

Part three
Features an old character who plays and organ grinder and performs with his monkey.

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LikeTelevision™ Classic TV
You Asked For It - Episode seven
Directed by - Art Baker

Starring - Art Baker, Japanese Kendo Fighters!

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Expert Japanese Kendo Swordplay!

Part four
Features a pair of Japanese Kendo fighters duking it out with swords. Hai JA! Cool samurai, martial arts archive clip from a master!

With host Art Baker!

Part five
Features two incredible masters of the art of "live" foley for radio. Art tells a story and these guys do the F/X. Killer!

Part six
Features a pair of reknowned ice skating clowns who performed at early NHL games - performing a bizarre Bronx dance!

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