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Quiz Show Scandal (1956) - B&W - 28 min

The LikeTelevision™ Classic TV channel proudly presents - The Great Quiz Show Scandal featuring Charles Van Doren, Herbert Sempel and Jack Barry. The show is rigged - and both Van Doren and Sempel are in on the cheat. After 3 ties - the 2 go head to head for a final time. Van Doren, the handsome Columbia professor is slated to win, and Herbert Sempel will take a dive, as he can't remember the Oscar winner for 1956 - (Marty, which oddly enough is one of his favorite movies!)

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Quiz Show Scandal
Directed by - Jack Barry

(1956) - B&W - 28 min
At the height of his popularity - Van Doren was featured on the cover of Time magazine, because he was such a well known star from his game show success.

Daniel Enright, the "Twenty One" game show producer, convinces Sempel to play along for $24,000. He later promises him a job as a panelist on another show to try and keep him quiet.

Part one

Charles Van Doren, Columbia University professor, son of a Pulitzer Prize winner, handsome, and the guy chosen to be the new champion.

Part two

Part three

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LikeTelevision™ Classic TV
Quiz Show Scandal
Directed by - Jack Barry

Starring - Jack Barry, Charles Van Doren, Herbert Sempel

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Herbert Sempel - a young GI and former postal worker with a rumpled suit and a bad haircut!

Part four

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