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Throne of Blood (1957) - B&W - 110 min

Classic Kurosawa tale of ambition, power, and fate. Two Samurai warriors (Washiza and Miki) encounter an evil spirit in the Cobweb Forest who sees the future. She tells them of their rise to power and how ambition will guide their actions. The film draws from Shakespeare's Macbeth - but the setting is feudal Japan. Like Lady Macbeth, Washiza's wife has a difficult time washing that darn blood off her hands.

Starring Toshir? Mifune as Washiza, the trusted Samurai hero and protector of a group of powerful leaders who control the Cobweb Castle, and several other forts and castles An evil spirit's prophesy guides his actions and he kills the top Lord and usurps his power - only to be replaced by equally ambitious men.

Set in Feudal Japan - Two Samurai heros turn on their Lords and gain power. Did you know that Kurosawa films like this created the inspiration for films like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Yojimbo) and Star Wars (Hidden Fortress) Watch this clip for more Kurosawa background info!

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Throne of Blood
Directed by - Akira Kurosawa

(1957) - B&W - 110 min
Writing credits: Hashimoto, Kikushima, Kurosawa - Music: Masaru Sat? - Language: Japanese with sub-titles

Part one
A warrior reports to the the Lords at the Cobweb Castle. All is lost. Inui and his men are attacking all the forts and it appears all is lost. Then another warrior comes to report - and thanks to the fighting of Washiza and Miki - two great Samurai warriors, Inui is on the run and their castles and power remain intact.

With an evil spirit Yoda lady

Washiza is made Lord of the North Castle as the evil spirit's prediction comes true!

Part two
Washiza and Miki are summoned to the Cobweb Castle by the great Lord. On their way, they encounter an evil woman spirit who tells them their future. Miki will be head of Fort One, and Washiza will be Lord of the North Castle. She goes on to tell them that Washiza will be the Lord of Lords - head of Cobweb Castle, and that Miki's son will also come to power. This incredible scene of the spirit woman spinning her cobwebs in the cage is classic. Imagine a combination of Yoda and Darth Vadar rolled up in one. The evil spirit woman is played by Chieko Naniwa.

The evil spirit Yoda lady spins her tale in the Cobweb Forest

Part three
Just as they were told by the strange evil spirit, Miki is made Lord of Fort One and Waitasu becomes Lord of The North Castle. Waitasu tells his wife about the prophecy in the Cobweb Forest - and she tells him he must follow through and kill the main lord at CobWeb Castle if he hopes to survive. She prepares some drugged wine for the guards and encourages him to act while he has a chance. A chance he will never get again.

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Throne of Blood
Directed by - Akira Kurosawa

Starring - Toshir? Mifune as Taketori Washiza, Minoru Chiaki as Yoshiaki Miki, Isuzu Yamada as Asaji

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Part four
His wife drugs the guards and Washiza kills the Lord of The Cobweb Castle while he sleeps. Then the murder is placed on his son and Washiza goes out to catch the alleged traitor. But he escapes to the castle held by his Washiza's friend, Miki. Miki refuses to open the gate. Then Washiza starts to suspect Miki and thinks he wants to hold the castle for himself. He uses the slain Lord's coffin to gain entry to the castle. Miki tells him he will back him for the top Lord.

Part five
Washiza plans to make Miki's son heir to the castle, when his wife tells him she is pregnant. Washiza and the council wait for Miki to show up for the banquet where Washiza will make Miki's son heir - but he never shows up because the horse he planned to ride couldn't be broken. Meanwhile, back at the banquet, Washiza sees the ghost of Miki and goes beserk. His wife tries to cover for him and dismisses the dinner guests. A samurai comes to the room with a Miki's head wrapped in a towel. Washiza kills him.

Toshir? Mifune as Washiza

Part six
Washiza's wife has her baby - but it is born dead and his wife is in critical condition. He goes into the Cobweb Forest and meets the evil spirit women who tells him he will never lose if fills the rivers with blood and piles dead bodies to the sky. Wanna see the monster battle scene where Washiza's warriors turn on him with their bows and arrows? Watch the conclusion and enjoy yourself. What a great movie!

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