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Charlie Chaplin - Gold Rush (1925) - B&W - 82 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents The Gold Rush - a cool film silent film by Charlie Chaplin about the Gold Rush in Alaska. The film has been called the greatest film of the silent era.

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Charlie Chaplin - Gold Rush
Directed by - Charlies Chaplin

(1925) - B&W - 82 min

Part one
A huge line of men trudge through the Alaskan snow in search of gold. We meet our hero, a determined miner (Charlie Chaplin) looking for gold. Charlie meets up with the evil killer, Black Larson. Then we meet Big Jim McKay, another prospector who is looking for shelter from the raging storm. Jim has found the mother lode of gold - but has told no one.

Starring, directed and written by Charlie Chaplin

Mack Swain as Big Jim McKay

Part two
A huge storm rages outside and Charlie, Big Jim and Black Larson are stuck in the cabin. Big Jim and Black Larson have a hilarious fight with a gun that keeps pointing at Charlie. Eventually, Black Larson is sent packing and Big Jim and Charlie stay at the cabin. As starvation kicks in, Big Jim thinks Charlie looks like a huge chicken. Then the boys bag a bear and chow down.

Part three
Time for Big Jim and Charlie to part ways. Big Jim goes off to his gold and Charlie goes looking for his fortune. But then, Big Jim finds Black Larson who has killed another prospector and looted his stuff. Big Jim confronts him and gets popped with a shovel. Later Black Larson dies when the cliff he is walking on collapses. Meanwhile - Charlie goes into town and meets Georgia, a girl at the saloon. For Charlie, it's love at first sight, but Georgia isn't the sweet girl he thinks she is. Features the hilarious scene with Charlie dancing with Georgia while a dog's leash is attached to his belt loop. Then Charlie gets into trouble trying to protect Georgia from a ruffian.

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Charlie Chaplin - Gold Rush
Directed by - Charlies Chaplin

Starring - Charlies Chaplin, Tom Murray, Mack Swain, Georgia Hale, Henry Bergman

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Georgia Hale as Georgia

Part four
The next morning, Charlie is hungry again and he heads out to Hank Curtis' cabin. Once there, he acts as if he has frozen to death outside Hank's door - and gets a free meal, some coffee, etc. Meanwhile, Big Jim McKay has amnesia due to the blow on his head. He wanders aimlessly into town. Charlie goofs around with Georgia and the girls. Then he invites them to dinner for New Year's Eve. Charlie is very excited but the girl's don't think much of the silly little man. But they think his dance with the Oceana roll is hilarious and so will you. But alas - it's all a dream, as the girls don't show.

Charlie checks out the scene at the bar

Part five
Charlie wakes up a little before midnight and heads out to the saloon for the New Year's Eve celebration. Charlie watches from another room as the crowd sings Auld Lang Sine. Charlie has a sad holiday as his heart is broken. Then Charlie gets a note that tells him Georgia is sorry for how she treated him last night. Charlie rushes to the saloon - where he meets up with Big Jim who remembers him from their days in the cabin.

Part six
What will happen to Charlie? Will Big Jim remember who he is? And make Charlie a millionaire? And will Charlie continue to be persecuted by Georgia? Or will she ever show any kindness toward our poor hero? Watch the conclusion and see for yourself!

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