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Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923) - B&W - 100 min

Epic Victor Hugo tale about love, money and desire. Esmerelda, the beautiful heroine of the story is caught in a web of desire and obsession.

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Hunchback of Notre Dame
Directed by - Wallace Worsley

(1923) - B&W - 100 min

Chapter one
We are introduced to Quasimodo, the deformed hunchback who hates everyone, because he is treated cruelly. Esmeralda - a beauty who was purchased from the gypsies by Clopin, the king of the bandits. We also meet Phoebus de Chateaupers, a handsome Captain - who is Esmeralda's secret love. And of course, Jehan, the evil brother of preacher man, Dom Claudio - who is a good guy. Jehan wants Esmeralda and will stop at nothing to get what he desires. Also - don't miss the great scene with the monkeys jumping on the unsuspecting woman at the festival.

Lon Chaney as Quasimodo

Patsy Ruth Miller as Esmerelda

Chapter two
The evil Jehan plans to have Quasimodo, his slave grab Esmeralda and take her home to satisfy his desire for her. But Esmeralda is saved by Phoebus de Chateaupers. We also get a glimpse of The Court of Miracles - a dark spot in the city where all the low lifes congregate. In this world Clopin is king. Esmeralda and Phoebus court and spark - Quasimodo gets flogged.

Quasimodo -the classic action figure!

Chapter three
Opens with a terrific scene where Phoebus takes Esmeralda to a fancy ball - he even buys her some high budget designer clothes so she'll be more comfortable. Quasimodo is tired of Jehan after his whipping, and has a fondness for Esmeralda who was kind to him. When Clopin hears that Esmeralda is with Phoebus at the ball - Clopin gathers his band of thieves, vagrants and beggers to crash the party. A very tense scene - watch it yourself. Esmeralda goes home, and Phoebus pines for his love - but she won't return his phone calls.

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Hunchback of Notre Dame
Directed by - Wallace Worsley

Starring - Lon Chaney as Quasimodo, Patsy Ruth Miller as Esmerelda, Brandon Hurst as Jehan, Ernest Torrence as Clopin, Nigel De Brulier as Dom Claudio, Norman Kerry as Phoebus de Chateaupers, Winifred Bryson as Fleur de Lys

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Esmerelda and her lover, Phoebus de Chateaupers (Norman Kerry)

Chapter four
Phoebus finally gets his message through to Esmeralda and they plan to meet secretly and profess their love for each other. They get together and all is terrific until Jehan sneaks up from behind and stabs Phoebus in the back. Making matters worse - Esmeralda is held for the crime. Phoebus is slowly recovering, but the date of Esmeralda's execution is fast approaching. But wait - Quasimodo shoots down a rope tied to Notre Dame, swoops in and takes her to the sanctuary of the church, where Esmeralda is safe... or is she?

The evil, perverted Jehan! (Brandon Hurst)

Chapter five
The final climax - a huge fight breaks out at Notre Dame, bells get rung... Will Esmeralda and Phoebus live happily ever after or will Jehan kill everybody? Watch the conclusion and find out yourself!

The King of the Beggars, Clopin (Ernest Torrence), who purchased Esmerda from the gypsies when she was a girl

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Jehan's brother is a man of the cloth named Dom Claudio (Nigel De Brulier) with Esmerlda and Quasimodo

Somewhere on the web... we found this insane concept work of art and thought you would enjoy it

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