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Beneath The 12 Mile Reef (1953) - Color - 102 min

A Greek father and son sponge diving team, Mike and Tony Petrakis try to farm the dangerous 12 mile reef - BIG sponges and BIG danger. The family also has trouble with the Key West locals, especially Arnold Rhys, played by Peter graves - who is a jerk that wants to marry Gwynne Rhys, but she likes the young Greek sponge diver, Tony Petrakis (Robert Wagner). If you want a fun, campy B movie - kinda like a “Key West Side Story“ with the Conks and The Greeks (instead of The Jets and The Sharks), and instead of musical numbers, you get underwater scenes with sponge divers. If that is what you are looking for - you have arrived!

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Beneath The 12 Mile Reef
Directed by - Robert D. Webb

(1953) - Color - 102 min

Part one
Starts out with Mike Petrakis, father of the sponge diving family, harvesting some sponges from the bottom of the ocean floor. We also meet his son Tony, played by Robert Wagner.

Robert Wagner as Tony Petrakis, sponge diver

Peter Graves as Arnold, a head strong jerk who wants to marry Gwyn, but she likes Tony!

Part two
The spongers come back to the marina and now it's time to sell the booty. A fellow sponger gets has a huge haul of sponges - it seems he went to the 12 mile reef. The reef is very dangerous and no one has been back since Pete, Tony's brother died while diving there. Anyway - he gets $22,500 for his sponges - meanwhile the Petrakis family gets just $600 for the haul. Also - don't miss the diving competition for the crucifix. The priest tosses a cross in the water and the young men go diving for it. Then Mike and Tony try to dive in the Glades - where the local Key West conchs don't like the Greeks. So they take all their sponges.

The conch girl who likes the Greek sponge diver

Part three
Mike and Tony decide to head out to a local conch hang-out, where they can meet up with the guys who stole their sponges. Mike threatens to whomp Arnold (Peter Graves) - meanwhile, young Tony is stealing the heart of Gwynne. Arnold asked Gwyneth to marry him - and she was less than enthusiastic about the idea. Mike decides to go to the 12 mile reef.

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Beneath The 12 Mile Reef
Directed by - Robert D. Webb

Starring - Robert Wagner as Tony Petrakis, Gilbert Roland as Mike Petrakis, Terry Moore as Gwyneth Rhys, Richard Boone as Thomas Rhys, Peter Graves as Arnold, J. Carrol Naish as Socrates, Angela Clarke as Mama Petrakis

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The unfriendly "conks" with their hook boats. Peter Graves, of Mission Impossible fame, plays Arnold - a no good jerk who causes trouble for the Petrakis family

Part four
The father, Mike Petrakis prepares to dive at the 12 mile reef - and this will be his last dive. While harvesting the area, teaming in sponges - he slips on a coral formation, his valve gets stuck, and he goes flying to the surface as his suit fills with air. There's no de-compression chamber, so they pack him in ice. As Mike is dying, Arnold is raiding Tony's boat and stealing the sponges. They start a fire and the boat burns to a crisp.

The Greek father - who lost his son at the 12 mile reef, and gets the bends when he tries diving there

Part five
Tony and Gywneth go to see Mr. Rhys, Gwyneth's father. about what happened to his sponges and his boat. Mr. Rhys acts like he wants to help - but they don't trust him. Meanwhile, Tony and Gwyneth go swimming with blue jeans on. And young love blossoms...

Part six
Mr. Cool Tony Petrakis, sponge diving man decides to go to the 12 mile reef - where he encounters great danger - this time from a giant octopus or squid. Will he make it - or will they cut his air hose like they always did on Sea Hunt. And who will win the battle for Gwyneth - Arnold or our hero, young Tony. Watch the conclusion and see for yourself!

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