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Milky Way (1936) - B&W - 89 min

The Milky Way is very hilarious Harold Lloyd vehicle - he stars as Burleigh Sullivan, a quiet, unassuming milk man for the Sunflower Dairy. When he hears his sister calling for help late one night - he comes to her aid - and ends up in the newspapers because everyone thinks the middleweight champ was decked by the milk man! While not a great fighter, Burleigh is a remarkable ducker of punches, having been assaulted frequently as a young kid. Lots of funny twists and turns - and great fun!

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Milky Way
Directed by - Leo McCrary

(1936) - B&W - 89 min

Part one
The opening scene is the milk man's sales meeting. Very funny. We meet Speedy MacFarland, middleweight champ, and his buddy Spider.

Harold Lloyd as Burleigh Sullivan

Helen Mack as Mae Sullivan

Part two
Speedy and Spider start bothering Mae Sullivan, the hat girl at the club. She calls for help - from her brother who is out delivering milk at 3:30 in the morning for the Sunflower Dairy. Spider ends up clocking Speedy the champ - because Burleigh skillfully ducked the punch. And the newspapers grab it for the headlines. Gabby Sloan, Speedy's manager flies in from Philadelphia to figure out what happened. Burleigh shows up to tell the real story - because Speedy and Spider were too drunk to remember.

Part three
Burleigh once again show his prowess for ducking punches - and the champ gets flattened again. Gabby decides to try and sign Burleigh, and build him up with some bogus fights, for a re-match with Speedy, the champ. Meanwhile, Burleigh is out delivering milk, when Agnes, his horse takes ill. He meets sweet Polly Pringle when he calls for a a doctor. When Gabby finally meets up with Burleigh, he doesn't want to fight.

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Milky Way
Directed by - Leo McCrary

Starring - Harold Lloyd as Burleigh Sullivan, Adolphe Menjou as Gabby Sloan, Helen Mack as Mae Sullivan, Verree Teasdale as Ann Westley, William Gargon as Spider Schultz, Lionel Stander as Speed MacFarland, Dorothy Wilson as Polly Pringle, Charles Lane as Willard

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Verree Teasdale as Ann Westley and Adolphe Menjou as Gabby Sloan!

Part four
Well it seems that getting Agnes well is going to cost a lot of money - and the owner of Sunflower Dairy doesn't want to foot the bill. So - Burleigh decides to join forces with Gabby and become a fighter. He learns about moving in the ring, and learns how to be colorful for the press - and he becomes a hero.

Got Milk?

Part five
Finally - after a few phony fights, Burleigh is starting to get full of himself. Polly is losing interest as the man she loved has changed. Meanwhile, Speedy is putting the moves on Mae, Burleigh's sister - and they decide to marry. After Burleigh starts winning, the owner of the Sunflower Dairy buys out Burleigh's Boxing contract.

Part six
And it looks like Burleigh is going to box his future brother-in-law, Speedy MacFarland - but before we get to the ring, Agnes the horse has a baby - and Burleigh decides to take the young colt to the fights with him.

Part seven
Oh yeah - let's not forget the money. Speedy and his wife to be Mae, have bet all their money on Speedy. But not before Burleigh withdrew it all and bet on himself. Oh my! What happens?. Watch the conclusion and see for yourself!

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