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Mister Scarface (1976) - Color - 94 min

Mister Scarface is an entertaining Italian movie about a mobster named Scarface, played by Jack Palance, complete with the scar on his face. No, it's ot about Al Capone, but this other scarface evil twin from Italy. Imagine a 70's spaghetti gangsta film (as opposed to spaghetti western genre) - and don't be afraid to laugh.

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Mister Scarface
Directed by - Fernando Di Leo

(1976) - Color - 94 min

Part one
The opening scene is something you don't understand until the movie tells the rest of the story. Scarface kills a guy and a little kid tries to do Scarface in but the gun misfires. Later, we find out the kid is Rick.

Jack Palance as Mister Scarface

Harry Baer as Tony!

Part two
Tony is a young hot shot for a weaker mob faction and does the collection work, gathering the money for protection. Meanwhile Scarface is the boss of a much more powerful faction - but Tony wants to put Scarface out of business.

Some tough guy friends of Tony

Part three
More tough guy stuff and people getting beat up or shot for money. Tony comes up with a scheme to get some money from Scarface - we also meet Luigi, who is a funny guy, who goes to war against Scarface after Scarface tries to kill him.

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Mister Scarface
Directed by - Fernando Di Leo

Starring - Jack Palance as Scarface, Harry Baer as Tony, Al Cliver as Rick, Edmund Purdom as Luigi

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Al Cliver as Rick

Part four
Well it seems that Tony, Rick and Luigi have a plan to get back at Scarface, steal his money and then kill. Plus some internal breaking of the ranks as people in the mob vie for power, by killing the guy above you.

Edmond Purdom as Luigi

Part five
The deal goes down, the motorcycles, the shotguns, the tricks - it all comes together in the big finish. Oh my! What happens? Watch the conclusion and see for yourself!

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