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Sex Madness (1937) - B&W - 52 min

Sex Madness is an vintage documentary on the repercussions of a loose sexual lifestyle. The movie features a tales of two girls who enter the world of Burlesque Theater and end up needing a doctor's treatment for assorted venereal diseases. Interesting reflection on the culture of the 1930's US and the prevailing attitude toward human sexual behavior. Similar to Reefer Madness, only no one goes homicidal!

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Sex Madness
Directed by - Dwain Esper

(1937) - B&W - 52 min

Part one
The opening scene features Mom and Dad wondering why Junior is out so late. Well it seems he is checking out the latest in Girlie Entertainment. Meanwhile, we meet out heroine, who wants to be in Show-Biz!

Explosive Newspaper Exposes

Creepy characters from the thirties

Part two
Oh no! - looks like our nice girl gone bad has a case of the VD. The doctor is optimistic that he can help - but it will be a long road to recovery. Good thing she caught it early. Meanwhile - more twists and turns as good people go blind from too much philandering!

Dirty young men from the 1930s, now they are dirty old men. Is that Pee Wee Herman?

Part three
What suspense - what drama. Unlike Reefer Madness, no one goes out and kills anybody else, but they will contemplate suicide. Remember kids - too much of anything is not healthy!

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Sex Madness
Directed by - Dwain Esper

Starring - Sheila, Millicent

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