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Return To Treasure Island (1954) - Color - 95 min

Long John Silver's Return To Treasure Island is a pirate adventure sequel to the classic, Treasure Island, written by Robert Louis Stevenson. Long John saves Jim Hawkins and the Governor's daughter from the evil Captain Medosa, or El Toro to his buccaneer friends. Jim and Long John also try to get a ship to return to Treasure Island in lost treasure. Lots of funny moments, and a great thrill at the end as Jim is chased by the blind Israel Hands. Great swashbuckling fun!

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Return To Treasure Island
Directed by - Byron Haskin

(1954) - Color - 95 min

Part one
Buccaneers and pirates hang out at the Miss Purity's saloon, the Cask and Anchor in Portobello. A pirate buddy of Long John named Perch comes in, dying from knife wounds. He tells Long John that Mendosa, a.k.a. El Toro has Jim Hawkins as his cabin boy slave. Long John decides to meet with the Governor, whose daughter is also held by Mendosa. Long John is still interested in the treasure map held by young Jim Hawkins.

Starring Robert Newton - AARRGG!

Lloyd Berrell as the evil Mendosa - a.k.a. El Toro

Part two
We get to meet the evil Mendosa and some of his scurvy crew. Long John goes to Mendosa's ship and tells him of his plan to save the Governor's daughter. But, he plans to head North and raid the Governor's warehouse. Jim shows Long John the medallion he wears - that contains a map of the treasure. And then a surprise awaits Mendosa's men at the warehouse. Long John grabs the loot - to buy a ship for his men. And he tells the Governor Mendosa's took the treasure. Long John asks for custody of Jim Hawkins - but is denied by the Governor. Jim is heading back to England in two days on the Thistle.

Scurvy Dogs and scalawags!

Part three
Long John returns to The Cask and Anchor, Purity's saloon in Portobello. A hilarious scene as Purity berates Long John for being a scoundrel. Purity is determined to have Long John marry her - and goes to great lengths to tie Long John down. Then Captain McDoogle goes to the Cask and Anchor looking for some sailors because his crew got scurvy. Jim Hawkins and Long John review the two pieces of the map.

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Return To Treasure Island
Directed by - Byron Haskin

Starring - Robert Newton as Long John Silver, Kit Taylor as Jim Hawkins, Lloyd Berrell as Mendosa, El Toro, Connie Gilchrist as Miss Purity Pinker, Grant Taylor as Patch, Rod Taylor as Israel Hands, Harry Hambleton as Big Eric, Muriel Steinbeck as Lady Strong

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Kit Taylor as Jim Hawkins

Part four
Well they have a plan to get Long John's crew out of jail - just smack the guard on the head with a bottle of rum. Purity Pinker thinks this is her wedding day - but Long John is off with the boys to crew for Captain McDoogle's ship, The Thistle. And once out to sea, Long John and his crew get marooned on Mendosa's hideout island called Coral Island. Long John has a plan to escape with Mendosa' ship. And head back to Treasure Island! Meanwhile Mendosa is expecting his other ship to return from Barbados - and then he'll chase down Long John!

AARRGG! Listen up mateys!

Part five
Finally, Jim and Long John have come back to Treasure Island! And when they arrive -somebody's shooting at them. And that somebody is Israel Hand - who was shot by Jim Hawkins years ago. And he's not dead. Lots of pirate adventure as Israel Hand, and Mendosa are both looking to kill Long John and Jim. What happens? Watch the conclusion and see for yourself!

The Map! Find Captain Flint's treasure!

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Rod Taylor as Israel Hands

Purity bonds with young Jim

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