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Secret Life of Adolf Hitler (1958) - B&W - 52 min

A bizarre look at the life of Adolh Hitler - including interviews with Adolf's sister and loyal Nazis who were there during his last days in the Berlin bunker. Also discusses his relationship with Eva Braun - who is usually shown in a bathing suit doing gymnastics, because Hitler can't stand fat people, according to the narrator. So how the heck did an ex-con and unemployed house painter get to become the biggest tyrant in recent history? Don't let it happen again!

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Secret Life of Adolf Hitler
Directed by - The Third Reich

(1958) - B&W - 52 min

Part one
Begins with some early background from Hitler's sister. Also details his early work as an unemployed house painter.

Adolf Hitler was an unemployed house painter who wanted to rule the world

Part two
Hitler goes to prison for writing his book - Mein Kampf. He meets up with future Nazis and they discuss politics and philosophy - and they learn of his plans for world domination.

Part three
More early World War II history of Nazi victories in Poland and the truce with Russia. Also, scenes with Eva Braun and the frauleins who liked to hang out with the Nazi bastards. Some very weird stuff - including a mention of Hitler's bizarre sexual desires and conflicts. A Nazi women who knew Adolf disputes this - I have watched him in private - and there is nothing weird about him, she states...

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Secret Life of Adolf Hitler
Directed by - The Third Reich

Starring - Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun

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"HI" sign - Hitler borrowed from Italian Facist, Benito Mussolini

Part four
Well the Nazi empire is beginning to crumble. The war is turning against Hitler and the Third Reich. More footage about Eva, who keeps fit by twirling on a chin-up bar, because Hitler hates fat people.

Part five
The Allies are closing in on the bunker in Berlin. Details Hitler's final days and interviews the Nazis who claim to have buried Hitler and Eva in a shallow grave in the garden. Rumor has it that Hitler's remains were taken back to Russia by Stalin and kept it in a secret location...

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