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Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler (1971) - Color - 102 min

This is a FUN movie - The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler is a 1971 thriller - about a powerful committee that controls a secret medical program, where Dr. Redding grows human livestock, and inserts the DNA code of powerful world leaders and businessmen. These back-up clones are used organ transplants. Meanwhile, a snoopy tv reporter (Nielsen) starts nosing around and threatens to blow the whistle. Very interesting to see how people thought about cloning, stem cells and the medical ethics of DNA technology - when it was all just science fiction!

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Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler
Directed by - Bob Wynn

(1971) - Color - 102 min

Part one
Begins with a scene where a couple is making out in a car, they cross the center and hit Senator Zachary Wheeler's car head on. Harry Walsh, (Leslie Nielsen)- a hotshot TV news reporter arrives on the scene, and makes a breaking report. Then he follows the Senator to Bethesda Hospital.

Leslie Nielsen as Harry Walsh, ace TV reporter!

Bradford Dillman as Zachary Wheeler

Part two
Well now it seems Senator Wheeler never even arrived at the hospital - he was fishing far away is the story, but Harry knows better. He starts snooping around to find out where the Senator has been taken. Meanwhile, the committee has taken Wheeler to a secret facility in New Mexico, where they grow clones of important people, to be used as organ transplants. You will love the part where the DNA code is sent over a modem!

A "soma" - a human blank that will receive a DNA chain of someone needing an organ transplant!

Part three
Senator Wheeler makes a speedy recovery as they give him a new set of internal organs from 3 fresh soma. Meanwhile, Harry Walsh is off to New Mexico to find the secret hospital where Wheeler was taken. But it won't be easy, as Harry is being chased by some goons in charge of security.

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Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler
Directed by - Bob Wynn

Starring - Bradford Dillman as Senator Zachary Wheeler, Leslie Nielsen as Harry Walsh, Angie Dickinson as Dr. Layle Johnson, James Daly as Dr. Redding, Robert J. Wilke as Hugh Fielding, Jack Carter as Dwight Chiles

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Angie Dickinson as Doctor Layle Johnson!

Part four
Well, well... the committee offers to treat a Latin American leader, General Munez, but only if he vows to stop the effort to nationalize the oil industry. (Only the powerful need apply.. and they are used later to protect US interests) Meanwhile, Dr. Layle Johnson and Senator Wheeler start making eyes at each other and the goons are chasing Harry all over town.

James Daly as Dr. Redding - nice shades!

Part five
The committee meets to discuss the latest batch of prospects for the special medical treatment. Plus a funny scene where Dr Johnson (Angie Dickinson) gives Senator Wheeler a shave. (if there was a blade in that razor, he would be bleeding, no doubt!) Dr. Redding explains the process to Senator Wheeler.

Also starring Robert J. Wilke as Hugh Fielding, Mr. Big on the committee that oversees the work of Dr. Redding!

Part six
Fielding comes to New Mexico to meet with Senator Wheeler and get himself a new kidney. Meanwhile, Harry Walsh figures out a way to sneak on the base. When he gets there, he causes lots oftrouble and starts releasing some "somas" (like zombies).

Part seven
Will Senator Wheeler go along with the plot? And what will happen to Harry Walsh? And how about that great getaway scene in a classic Ford Fairlane! Watch the exciting conclusion and see for yourself!

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