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Gulliver's Travels (1939) - Color - 75 min

This is an animation classic! Gulliver's Travels was released in 1939 for the big screen and is viewed as a must see classic! Snow White from Disney was released in 1937 and this was the answer from The Fleischer Brothers of Popeye, Superman, and Betty Boop fame! The animation is as good as it gets, so join Gabby and his Lilliputian friends as they deal with this huge giant named Gulliver. Of course this tale has been rewritten from Jonathan Swift's original masterpiece, and somehow mixed with a dash of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. If you get a chance, see the Gulliver remake with Ted Danson, very entertaining.

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Gulliver's Travels
Directed by - Dave Fleischer

(1939) - Color - 75 min

Part one
Starts out with scene where Gabby is doing the rounds as night watchman in Lilliput. Well it's a hap, hap, happy day till he stumbles into a sleeping giant. Meanwhile, 2 kings get together to discuss the upcoming marriage of their children, Prince David and Princess Glory!

Sam Parker as the voice of Gulliver

Jessica Dragonette as Princess Glory and Lanny Ross as Prince David

Part two
Why won't anyone listen to poor Gabby? Why? Finally, he gets through to the king! Time to tie down that giant - and the little fellows get hard to work. So they send out a check group of Lilliputians and they work hard through the night securing the giant with ropes and cables!

Awesome scene where Gulliver gets tied down, which is a major construction project for the little guys!

Part three
With Gulliver firmly tied down - the Lilliputian security forces bring the giant to the king. Well now it seems there's a major problem - and no one is getting married. In fact - the 2 mini tribes, Lilliput and Blefiscu are headed to war. Even though Prince David and Princess Glory still love each other!

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Gulliver's Travels
Directed by - Dave Fleischer

Starring - Jessica Dragonette as Princess Glory, Lanny Ross as Prince David, Pinto Colvig as Voice of Gabby, Jack Mercer as Voice of King Little, Sam Parker as Voice of Gulliver

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Jack Mercer as the voice of King Little

Part four
How will it turn out? And what about those spies from Blefiscu? What will happen when they get Gulliver's pistol? And will Prince David marry Princess Glory or will it end in tragedy? Watch it and see for yourself!

The King of Blefiscu!

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