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Richard Diamond Private Detective (1957) - B&W - 30 min

This is a classic detective show, made in 1957. Richard Diamond Private Detective was originally written by Blake Edwards and starred Dick Powell as the cool private eye on a radio show. When the TV medium came along... Powell decided he was too busy, so he recruited a young actor named David Meyer, who later changed his name to Janssen at Powell's suggestion. Diamond was an ex OSS officer, who later decides to become a private eye. The show is remembered for a character named Sam, a hot secretary. We never saw her face - just her legs. Mary Tyler Moore was the first Sam, until she revealed her role and did a hosiery ad for TV guide, and they promptly fired her. She was replaced by Roxane Brooks. To this day, people still argue about who was their favorite Sam. Complete with original TV commericals!

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Richard Diamond Private Detective
Directed by - Oscar Rudolph

(1957) - B&W - 30 min

Part one

David Janssen as Richard Diamond, Private Detective. Ex OSS operative, and Mr. Cool. In this episode, he is off fishing at the Twin Peaks Lodge for a little rest and relaxation!

Tthe mob boss is out hunting with the big shot politician - and the young reporter gets their picture. Now the bad guys want it back and Diamond is caught in the middle!

Part two

This show features a Classic Commercial for Kool Shake!

Part three

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Richard Diamond Private Detective
Directed by - Oscar Rudolph

Starring - David Janssen as Richard Diamond, Judith Braun as Prince David, James Nolan as Carlin, George Neice as Adams, Robert J. Nelson as State Trooper

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Judith Braun as the ambitious newspaper reporter looking for the photo that proves her story of corruption between a political boss and the mob. She lies to Diamond, but as he admits, he's a sucker for a damsel in distress. But perhaps the saddest moment comes when they roll that incredible 1957 over the cliff. Also you gotta love the Kool Shake commercial!

Mmmm... Maxwell House Coffee - Flavor Bud Flavor!

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