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McLintock (1963) - Color - 126 min

This is a FUN movie - McLintock is a 1963 Western Adventure and funky romance. John Wayne stars as McLintock, a man who earned his way up in the early days of the wild west, fighting off Indians and building a massive fortune in cattle. The town is even named for him! But it seems his wife is not as easy to tame as the wild west!

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Directed by - Andrew V. McLaglen

(1963) - Color - 126 min

Part one
John Wayne stars as George Washington McLintock, a powerful cattle rancher who earned his way up in the rugged western territory, before it was a state. Now some homesteaders are moving in and looking build on their 160 acres government deeded plots of land. We also meet Mrs. McLintock, a snooty lady who left McLintock two years ago. Now she's back - because their daughter Becky (Staphanie Powers) is coming home - and Katherine wants her to go back east with her.

Maureen O'Hara as Mrs. Katherine McLintock

Edgar Buchanan as Bunny

Part two
We meet Devlin Warren (Patrick Wayne, John Wayne's son in the real world), a young man who is looking for work. McLintock gives him a job and later he gives Devlin's mom, Mrs. Louise Warren, a job, as cook. Yvonne DeCarlo (best known as Herman Munster's wife, Lily) plays Louise! Tension mounts as Kate McLintock moves in, and Louise give G.W. a box of cigars.

Part three
Mr. McLintock goes of to Birnbaums to play a game of chess with his buddy Jake Birnbaum. It goes on late into the night - and Katherine comes in to discuss her plans about Becky. G.W. tells her to wait till morning. Later - a great scene with G.W. getting back at Jones (Leo Gordon) who was holding a shotgun on McLintock and trying to lynch an Indian. Closes out with the big mudslide scene.

McLintock Message Board

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Directed by - Andrew V. McLaglen

Starring - John Wayne as George Washington McLintock, Maureen O'Hara as Katherine McLintock, Chill Wills as Drago, Stephanie Powers as Becky McLintock, Jerry Van Dyke as Matt Douglas Jr., Yvonne DeCarlo as Mrs. Louise Warren, Patrick Wayne as Devlin Warren, Edgar Buchanan as Bunny Dull, Jack Kruschen as Jake Birnbaum

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Stephanie Powers and Jerry Van Dyke

Part four
Well well... the train comes into town and Becky (Stephanie Powers) arrives, along with Matt Douglas, Jr. (Jerry Van Dyke), a young college dandy who is interested in young Becky. Devlin Warren is also sweet on young Becky. G.W. McLintock throws a big welcome home party for Becky - complete with new dances from out east, big fist fights, drinking and a hefty heap of vulgarity.

Chill Wills as Drago!

Part five
McLintock goes out early one morning to shoot some birds with a scatter gun (shotgun). Becky rides out to him and learns he is only going to give her a small piece of his vast holdings. She is more concerned with the unresolved tension in her parents relationship. Big spanking scene - Devlin gives Becky a spanking with a fireplace shovel... that her Daddy G.W. gave to the young lad. Whoa - what a Dad. McLintock makes his big speech for the Commanche, to no avail.

Part six
Will Devlin win Becky's hand in marriage? Or will she go for Matt Douglas? And will G.W. ever make up with his wife? Watch the exciting conclusion and see for yourself!

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