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Buster Keaton - The General (1927) - B&W - 105 min

The General became the first full length comedy blockbuster movie and remains clever and funny even by today's jaded standards. The genius of Buster Keaton is fully developed, as he plays Johnny Gray - the engineer of his beloved train called The General. Experience some of the greatest locomotive fim ever created and lots of it as most of the story takes place on trains or railroad stations. And you will see why Buster Keaton remains great. Keaton is a legend and this movie shows you why he is so worthy.

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Buster Keaton - The General
Directed by - Clyde Bruckman & Buster Keaton

(1927) - B&W - 105 min
We were not thrilled with the soundtrack on this silent film - and instead would recommend using music from The Band, The Allman Brothers, Lynard Skynard, or some train related compilation of great songs.

Part one
Buster Keaton is Johnnie Gray, a train engineer and he loves his machine - a puffing and wheezing locomotive that goes by the name of The General. Johnnie Gray is sympathetic to the confederates (The South), and when he gets his train stolen by some Union soldiers, he vows to get it back - whatever it takes.

Buster Keaton as Johnnie Gray

The Union Generals discuss their strategy

Part two
Johnnie Gray goes chasing after the Union soldiers who swiped his beloved General - and also, Annabelle Lee, a soft Southern Belle that Johnnie is fond of. Some great scenes as the Union boys try to derail Johnnie and make a clean getaway.

Part three
The Southern Army is forced into a desparate retreat. Meanwhile, Johnnie is heading the other way - and straight into the Union stronghold. Keaton goes behind enemy lines and learns some vital information while hiding under the table. hilarious stuff.

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Buster Keaton - The General
Directed by - Clyde Bruckman & Buster Keaton

Starring - Buster Keaton as Johnnie Gray, Marion Mack as Annabelle Lee, Jim Farley as General Thather, Charles Smit as Mr. Lee, Glen Cavender as Captain Anderson, Joe Keaton as a Union General

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Marion Mack as Annabelle Lee

Part four
More Civil War intrigue and espionage await as Keaton once again gets charge of The General. He must escape and tell the confederate army generals of the Union's plans. But of course, he is being chased by the Union army - and they are one their way to prepare for the attack.

Part five
Will the Union soldiers catch Johnnie and Annabelle? And will they arrive in time to provide a warning of the attack? Well you will have to watch the conclusion and see for yourself.

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