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Over the Hill Gang Rides Again (1970) - Color - 73 min

The Over the Hill Gang Rides Again is a easy movie to enjoy - with many greats of the Western genre, together again for this made for TV movie. Starring such notables as Andy Devine, Walter Brennan, Chill Wills, Edward Buchanan, and Fred Ataire as the Baltimore Kid. The Over the Hill Gang, a group of old, retired Texas Rangers, gets word that their buddy The Baltimore Kid is in trouble - so they come to the rescue and try and help.

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Over the Hill Gang Rides Again
Directed by - eorge McCowan

(1970) - Color - 73 min

Part one
Intro - Color - Title screens etc. A group of retired Texas Rangers, led by Nash Crawford (Walter Brennan) gets a message that one of their old buddies, The Baltimore Kid, is in serious trouble. So they ride off to see what's up.

with Walter Brennan as Nash Crawford

Fred Astaire as The Baltimore Kid

Part two
The Boys learn that The Baltimore Kid is dead from Amos Polk, a newspaper man, who used to be a judge. But then they see the Kid (played by Fred Astaire) and see that life has hit the skids, and he is nothing more than a washed up drunkard. So they try and get him back on track, and somehow he gets to be the new marshall.

Part three
Well - now it is time for The Over the Hill Gang to ride again and they work behind the scenes to build The Baltimore Kid's confidence. They also learn that the money is missing from a recent heist and work to solve the case.

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Over the Hill Gang Rides Again
Directed by - eorge McCowan

Starring - Andy Devine Fred Astaire Chill Wills Edward Buchanan Parley Baer

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Andy Devine as Amos Polk, the newspaper editor

Part four
The Texas Rangers have their big showdown with the bad guys is a rooting' tooting shoot 'em up finale. This is a politically correct shoot-out, where no one seems to die, or really get shot at all, kind of like an inverse Sam Peckinpah's Wild Bunch... like The Mild Bunch. Still - lots of fun and a must see for fans of Andy Devine and Walter Brennan.

Edward Buchanan as Jason Fitch

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