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Mainstring Theater - Granny and The Dog (2001) - Color - 4 min

This short marionette play features a cheeky dog and his master, a little old lady. Presented by Mainstring Theater, the world renowned experts of Marionette Performance Arts. This is COOL -where else can you see the GREATEST marionette operators on the planet? After about 2 minutes, you could tell that their legendary status as World's Greatest was right on. WHOA! On my, whoa - how is this possible? Check it out and see if you don't agree. Thank you - Bruno and Darlene Frascone, and all the characters of Mainstring Theater - thank you for bringing some joy to the neighborhood!

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Mainstring Theater - Granny and The Dog
Directed by - Bruno and Darlene Frascone

(2001) - Color - 4 min

with the coolest dog you ever did see, and Grandma.

some of the cast and characters of Mainstring Theater!

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Mainstring Theater - Granny and The Dog
Directed by - Bruno and Darlene Frascone

Starring - Bruno Frascone Darlene Frascone

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with Bruno and Darlene Frascone, founders of Mainstring Theater

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