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Third Man, The (1949) - B&W - 93 min

The Third Man is wonderful film about post war Europe and the corruption that flourished as crooks made fortunes in the Black Market. Pulp fiction writer Holly Martins is looking for his friend, Harry Lime in Vienna. But it seems Harry is dead. He meets up with his girlfriend, Anna Schmidt - and is disturbed that the stories of Harry's demise don't add up. So he goes to the law -and learns from Major Calloway that Harry was a crook and a creep, who sold watered down penicillan in the Black Market. The film features obvious tributes to the 1936 Fritz Lang classic - M, about a child murderer - including the balloon man, the remarkable cinematography (Robert Krasker won the Best Oscar for Cinematography in 1951 for The Third Man), and the chase scenes in the streets of Germany (Austria-Hungary). You will also love the great music - Theme from the 3rd man, which was played on a zither by Anton Karas. Make sure you check out the preview. We also recommend that you check out Chet Atkin's version of the theme, which is just as remarkable as the Karas' zither masterpiece.

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Third Man, The
Directed by - Carol Reed

(1949) - B&W - 93 min

Part one
Intro - B&W - Title screens etc. An American writer of Westerns, Holly Martins arrives in Vienna looking for his fiend Harry Lime, who invited him to Austria and promised him some work. Unfortunately, it seems that Harry is dead -and was run over by a car.

with Joseph Cotten as Holly Martins

With Valli as Anna Schmidt

Part two
Holly asks a lot of questions about Harry's demise and it seems the stories don't add up. So he goes to the law - in this case, a Major Calloway (Trevor Howard) to tell him about the conflicts. We also meet Harry's old girlfriend, Anna Schmidt (played by Valli) - who is a pensive Czech, who delivers very few smiles during the entire movie. Pout much?

Great scene at the end of the movie, as Harry Lime tries to escape in the underground sewer system of Vienna. Similar to the chase scenes in Fritz Lang's M.

Part three
Well - now it is time for The Third Man to make an appearance - who is that Third Man? And what is going on? Finally - at the end of part 3, we get a glimpse of Harry Lime (Orson Welles) and it seems he is still alive, which really confuses his friend Holly Martins.

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Third Man, The
Directed by - Carol Reed

Starring - Joseph Cotten as Holly Martins Orson Welles as Harry Lime Valli as Anna Schmidt Trevor Howard as Major Calloway Erich Ponto as Dr. Winkel Paul Horbiger as Porter

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with Orson Welles as Harry Lime

Part four
But Harry got away - and is nowhere to be found. Holly tells Major Calloway that Harry is still alive and he learns more about Harry's sordid past. And how he sold diluted pennicillin on the Black Market - which caused innocent children to die or be brain dead. Also don't miss the terrific scene on an early Ferris Wheel.

with Trevor Howard as Major Calloway

Part five
Will Major Calloway ever get Harry Lime? Will they kill Holly Martins for asking so many questions? And what about Anna? Incredible final chase scene in the sewer system of Vienna. See the conclusion and find out. Also - check out He Walked by Night, with Jack Webb for another cool chase scene in the sewer system.

Holly Martins wants to solve his friends murder. Problem is - hisfriend isn't really dead. Hmmm. sounds like a good time for a whiskey sour.

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When will Anna, played by Valli - get wise to what a jerk Harry Lime is? Or will she pout the whole movie?

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