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Boy Meets Dog (1938) - Color - 8 min

The LikeTelevision™ Cartoon channel brings you - Boy Meets Dog. A very cool Walter Lantz toon. A stern father yells at his boy when he brings home a dog. Then the Dad goes to Pixie court where he is on trial for being mean. He changes his ways and ends up a nice guy who takes the kids fishing. Castle Films, Adapted from Gene Byrnes comic strip Reglar Fellers. Produced by Walter Lantz, of Woody Woodpecker fame.

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Boy Meets Dog
Directed by - Walter Lantz /Castle Films

(1938) - Color - 8 min

Complete with a Pixie Organ Maestro

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Boy Meets Dog
Directed by - Walter Lantz /Castle Films

Starring - Dad, Pixies,

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