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I Drunk Too Much (2002) - Color - 3 min

I Drunk Too Much comes to LikeTelevision from Jon Bare, out in sunny California. This short film and music video tells the story how Jon got a D.U.I. in California because he ... well.... had too much to drink. One is reminded of the Bobby Fuller Four - I fought the law... and the law won. Jon still has the Mazda RX 7, and animated the dancing fried chicken legs. Check out this mondo music video, rolled up in broadband internet media, and folded into a cool song. Also - check out James Dean, doing a PSA with Gig Young on Driving Safety.

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I Drunk Too Much
Directed by - Jon Bare

(2002) - Color - 3 min

Do NOT mess with the boots of the L.A.P.D. Just watch some old Dragnets with Jack Webb, pre-Miranda, if you don't believe me. Or ask Jon Bare.

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I Drunk Too Much
Directed by - Jon Bare

Starring - Jon Bare, L.A.P.D., and Erik Estrada with C.H.I.P.s (just kidding)

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