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Woman Hunter, The (1972) - Color - 70 min

The Woman Hunter is a classic 1970s era made for TV movie, starring Barbara Eden in her first role after I Dream of Jeannie. She stars as Dina Hunter, a rich lady who marries Jerry Hunter, played by Robert Vaughn, best known as the man from U.N.C.L.E. Dina is pursued by Paul Carter, played by Stuart Whitman. Dina is afraid that Carter is an international jewel thief and killer. Watch this classic - and figure out who done it... plus a special bonus - you get to see Jeannie in a bikini where her belly button is revealed! Oh my!

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Woman Hunter, The
Directed by - Bernard L. Kowalski

(1972) - Color - 70 min
Watch this made for TV movie classic - with intrigue, suspense and Barbara Eden in 1972!

Part one
Intro - Color - Title screens etc. All the beautiful people are partying in Bermuda. And a tipsy Larry Storch (best known for his role in F Troup) holds court, tells some funky jokes... and then a woman is murdered and her jewels are stolen. Meanwhile.... we drift off to the future, and meet the lovely Dina Hunter (Barbara Eden) who is vacationing with her hubby Jerry (Robert Vaughn) in Acapulco, Mexico. Dina is still shaken by a bad auto accident and is slighty whacko. A shadowy stranger seems to be stalking her.

Barbara Eden in a tasteful cocktail dress

Robert Vaughn as Jerry Hunter, Dina's hubby

Part two
While walking on the beach - Dina has a chance encounter (wink, wink) with Paul Carter, the shadowy stranger who happens to be swimming naked. Meanwhile, her husband Jerry is trying to negotiate a huge land deal with the locals, using Dina's money of course. Later on, Dina takes a stroll on the beach and meets up again with Paul, who is painting a landscape of the tranquil fishing boats. Paul's flirtatious request to paint Dina's portrait totally nude and dripping in jewels intrigues her. The long awaited navel makes its first TV appearance as they have a rather hot little swim. Jeannie, I mean Dina, looks quite fetching in a 1970s era bikini.

Yes - it is true... Jeannie has a belly button and it is revealed.

Part three
The crafty stranger devises a chance meeting with husband Jerry and gets invited to the house for drinks and inuendo. Paul's aggressive methods spooks Dina but she is also intrigued by the dangerous stalker and she agrees to pose in the nude. Jerry is cool with that too. Later Dina goes to Paul's hacienda to have a look around and finds it empty so she snoops around.

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Woman Hunter, The
Directed by - Bernard L. Kowalski

Starring - Barbara Eden, Robert Vaughn, Stuart Whitman, Larry Storch, Sydney Chaplin, Norma Storch, Enrique Lucero, Aurora Munoz, Victor Hugo Jaurequi

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Stuart Whitman as Paul Carter

Part four
Dina goes to the police with her wild ideas and the police chief, aware of her mental instability, takes her story with numerous grains of salt. Well - he basically thinks she is loco. Later that evening, she does a psycho dance (and looks a lot like Elaine Benes, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, from Seinfeld) and wonders why everyone is looking at her. Ummm - because you are dancing like a moron maybe?

Dina gets suspicious of Paul Carter when she checks out his pad.

Part five
The doctor comes to the rescue with some pills (mother's little helpers) and suggests Dina go see a shrink. Meanwhile... all is not as it seems. Check out the crazy conclusion that includes a VW Thing - that bursts into flames, and a crazy twisted ending that is sure to evoke scary dreams. oooooo!

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