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Harrad Experiment, The (1973) - Color - 96 min

The Harrad Experiment, based on Robert Rimmer's sex manifesto of the same name, is a classic tale of how idiotic people were in the 1960s and 1970s. A group of college kids become laboratory rats to test and challenge basic notions of sex and marriage. The movie stars a very young Don Johnson, James Whitmore (best known as the Miracle Grow spokesman), and Tippi Hedren (who got her eyes pecked out in Hitchcock's The Birds - BTW, she looks better with her clothes on, and do not be frightened by her parachute sized underwear). Also stars Fred Willard as part of a comedy troup called The Ace Trucking Company. This is a very strange movie and you will shake your head, wondering - did people really believe this garbage?

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Harrad Experiment, The
Directed by - Ted Post

(1973) - Color - 96 min
Also of note - in this film Don Johnson tries to seduce Tippi Hedren, who basically isn't interested (she demonstrates this in a bizarre way - yikes). In the real world - Don Johnson had a torrid relationship with Melanie Griffith - who happens to be Tippi Hedren's daughter. One has to wonder if this film made the relationship feel a little creepy, huh? Check out this cult classic on the sexual revolution and how silly people were in disco era of the 1970s.

Part one
Intro - Color - Title screens etc. Harrad College (like half of Harvard and Radcliff) is a groovy new age university that pushes sexual freedom, baby. Did people really think this way? Yikes! The students arrive, and in the experiment - they live together as coeds for 30 days, where the administration encourages them to have sex. Also - look for a young Melanie Griffith (who is Hedren's daughter in the real world. She goes on to marry Don Johnson and divorce him. Currently married to Antonio Banderas).

starring Don Johnson as Stanley, who looks a lot like the where's my car dude from That 70s Show.

introducing Laurie Walters... who? Any relation to Barbara Walters?

Part two
The student life at Harrad is filled with a pressing course load that includes naked swimming and a naked Yoga class. Stanley checks out the stamp collection, looking for that illusive Dag Hammerskjold stamp. What a philatelist!

with Victoria Thompson as Beth Hillyer. best known as Janice Frame from the soap opera, Another World.

Part three
Things get a little confusing for Stanley as he grows closer to Sheila... but ends up sleeping with Beth. Will this cause jealousy and undermine their blossoming relationship?

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Harrad Experiment, The
Directed by - Ted Post

Starring - Don Johnson as Stanley Cole, James Whitmore as Dr. Philip Tenhausen, Tippi Hedren as Dr. Margaret Tenhausen, Laurie Walters as Sheila Grove, Bruno Kirby as Harry Schacht, Victoria Thompson as Beth Hillyer, Elliot Street as Wilson, Billy Sands as Jack,

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James Whitmore as Dr. Tenhausen, a new age psychologist and Dr. of new sexual ideas - doing some early experiments for Miracle grow....hmmmmm.

Part four
Sheila finds out about Stanley and Beth when Bruno has a slip of the tongue as the kids share a joint while on a groovy picnic. Also features the scene with The Ace Trucking Company, and Fred Willard. Meanwhile, Dr. Tenhausen spouts more idiotic theories to the young college kids. ...Now Nietche tells us.... that if the values of a people change, society must meet that change or face stagnation and decay. So parents - save your money, and protect your children from Academia!

Bruno Kirby as Harry, who gets matched up with Beth, who has the hots for Stanley.

Part five
Dr. Philip and Margaret Tenhausen play a challenging game of Badminton with young Stanley and Sheila. James Whitmore even manages to smoke his pipe while going for a brutal smash. And afterward - Stanley tries to take his chances with Dr. Margaret and test his own theories. But Tippi is too smart for him... and undresses, urging Stanley to go for it in front of the main administraion building. Please save us from her humongus underwear! And yes - this movie will finally end, but only after Don Johnson takes a stab at being a rock star and sings a song that I think the Producers thought would be a monster smash hit on radio. If you read the credits, oh courageous viewer - you learn that Mark Lindsay from Paul Revere and the Raiders wrote the title song. Yes - there is even an album that you are urged to purchase. But have faith - this movie will end, and you can walk from it.

with Tippi Hedren as Dr. Margaret Tenhausen. She tries to trick Stanley (Don Johnson) into having sex on the main quad at Harrad College.

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