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Jail Bait (1954) - B&W - 72 min

Jail Bait was made in 1954, a year after the cult classic - Glen or Glenda, which starred Ed Wood as a transvestite who liked angora sweaters. And it stars many of the same thesbians including Lyle Talbot as Inspector Johns and Dolores Fuller as Marilyn Gregor. This film also stars Steve Reeves (best known for his role as Hercules) in his first speaking part.

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Jail Bait
Directed by - Ed D. Wood Jr.

(1954) - B&W - 72 min
Before Plan 9 from Outer Space - there was this Ed Wood classic - Jail Bait, where a young kid gets lured into a life of crime by Vic Brady, a hardened criminal who enjoys shooting people.

Part one
Intro -B&W Title screens, etc. Don Gregor, the son of a noted plastic surgeon is hanging out with a bad guy named Vic Brady. Marilyn his sister bails him out of jail but Don hasn't learned a thing. Inspector Johns and Lt. Bob Lawrence find Don at a bar hanging out with Vic and start hassling him.

starring Lyle Talbot as Inspector Johns. You can see more Lyle Talbot in Bonanza -Courtship or as Joe Randolph, Ozzie's good buddy from Ozzie and Harriet. BTW - Lyle Talbot's son is journalist David Talbot, editor of

starring Herbert Rawlinson as Dr. Boris Gregor, nice guy and prominent plastic surgeon.

Part two
Part 2 features a bizarre vaudville routine with a Black Face routine that is offensive and politically incorrect. Our apologies - it is presented a piece of history. It has zero bearing on the plot and was replaced by a striptease in some versions of the film. Meanwhile, Don gets deeper into trouble as he pulls a job with Vic -and things go very wrong as Don ices the night watchman. Now Don is a cop killer!

starring Steve Reeves in his first speaking role, as Lt. Bob Lawrence. Ed Wood found a way to get Steve's shirt off to show off his manicured six pack (the abdomizer wasn't even invented yet!)

Part three
Vic and Loretta get nervous about Don, who is losing his cool and ready to go to the police and turn himself in. Vic will have none of that... but maybe he can start blackmailing his Dad, the doctor. Hmmmm - there's a plan.

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Jail Bait
Directed by - Ed D. Wood Jr.

Starring - Lyle Talbot as Inspector Johns, Dolores Fuller as Marilyn Gregor, Steeve Reeves as Lieutenant Bob Lawrence, Herbert Rawlinson as Dr. Boris Gregor, Theodora Thurman as Loretta, Timothy Farrell as Vic Brady, Clancy Malone as Don Gregor, Bud Osbourne as Paul McKenna, the ex-cop and night watchamn, Mona McKinnon as Miss Willis,

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starring Dolores Fuller as Marilyn Gregor. She was Ed Wood's girlfriend in Glen or Glenda and did very well for herself as a songwriter. She penned some killer Elvis movie tunes and also launched the careers of Johnny Rivers and Tanya Tucker. Rumor has it she still keeps the anogora sweater from the Ed Wood days ... and preserves it in a freezer. COOL!

Part four
Vic decides to have Dr. Boris Gregor come by and use his plastic surgeon's skills to carve him a new face. But there's trouble cooking - just wait till you see what Dr. Boris has in mind for Vic's new face. You'll love the dramatic conclusion to Jail Bait!

in some versions of this film - this Black Face sequence was replaced by another recurring Ed Wood theme... a burlesque striptease act.

starring Steve Reeves as Lieutenent Bob, Inspector Johns' doughnut buddy.

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Theodora Thurman as Loretta. I wonder if she is any relation to Uma Thurman?

Inspector Johns, Lt. Bob and Marilyn wonder what they can do to save Don Gregor from a sordid life of crime.

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Theodora Thurman as Loretta keeps tabs on Marilyn (Dolores Fuller) while Vic gets a new face.

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