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War Comes to America (1945) - B&W - 70 min

War Comes to America, part 7 of the WWII documentary series called Why We Fight. The films were directed by great Frank Capra, best known for his classic feel good movies, It's a Wonderful Life (w/ Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed) and Meet John Doe (w/ Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper).

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War Comes to America
Directed by - Frank Capra, Anatole Litvak

(1945) - B&W - 70 min
This US Government documentary provides insight as to how America's attitudes toward war changed as the levels of atrocities continued to escalate. Also interesting as we consider the current War on Terrorism, post 9/11/02, after the attack on the World Trade Center buildings - and the continued troubles in Israel, plagued by suicide bombers. As Mark Twain once said - History does not repeat itself - but it does rhyme.

Part one
Intro -B&W Title screens, etc. An interesting look back at how the USA saw itself and the world during the 1940s.

In the early stages of WWII, the USA wanted no part of the conflict

The church of all religions - I bet they have some interesting sermons!

Part two
A weird section about the melting pot - as the film details various nationalities and what they do in America. Today we would call this racial stereotyping - as an example, the film tells us that "negroes in the South pick cotton". Our apologies, we present the film as a piece of history.

Part three
The film details how our attitudes about war change as the fighting goes on and Germany and Japan gain more territory.

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War Comes to America
Directed by - Frank Capra, Anatole Litvak

Starring - Franklin Delano Roosevelt Winston Churchill Adolf Hitler Neville Chamberlin Hirohito Franciso Franco Benito Mussolini Albert Speer Josef Goebbels

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As the fighting went on and atrocities became known (like the rape Nanking) - the USA's "average Joe and Jane's" attitude changes

Part four
More insight about the US thinking, as shown through early polling. You will love the fancy graphs used to display the results.

Part five
The movie wraps up with some commentary on Japan and what the envoys were doing in the early days of December 1941, before the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is interesting to look at this film and see how attitudes toward war changed - and the obvious parallels of this conflict and the current war on terrorism. Do a search on terrorism - and see some video on events that led up to September 11, 2002.

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