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Lovers and Liars (1979) - Color - 100 min

Lovers and Liars is a classic romantic comedy starring Goldie Hawn and Giancarlo Giannini about a young American girl looking for love and an Italian married man looking for action.

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Lovers and Liars
Directed by - Mario Monicelli

(1979) - Color - 100 min
Lovers and Liars, also known as Travels with Anita features Goldie Hawn in her usual role as a ditzy blond in search of fufillment. The film is a light romantic comedy that saves the best for last. The final scene of Guido's dad's funeral is very funny and helps redefine the dysfunctional unit. If you are a Goldie Hawn fan, you'll enjoy this movie.

Part one
Intro - Color Title screens, etc Guido Massacesi - the patriarch of a dysfunctional Italian family in Rome, gets a phone call early one morning and learns that his father had a stroke, so he is off to see him in the country. On the way, he meets up with a former mistress named Jennifer... who has a friend Anita (Goldie Hawn) staying with her. It seems Jennifer was out late last night... and is dead to the world. Guido tries to cozy up to her... but she thinks he's Charlie, not that good for nothing married man named Guido. Jennifer tells him to get lost - and then Anita asks him for a ride to Pisa.

Giancarlo Giannini as Guido

Mama discusses funeral arrangements with her boys

Part two
Anita and Guido are off in the car, and Anita brings a little cat she found in the forum. Then they find time to shoot a tv commercial for an after shave lotion. Huh? Back in the car for the journey... and we get treated to some cheesy '70s music. (synths and fake horn stabs... you'll love it!). A little later, they get into a car accident - and end up taking a guy who got hurt (kinda, not really... seems he's a faker) to the hospital.

Anita and Guido find some time for conversation and romance.

Part three
They decide to take a detour... to visit an island made for lovers. We learn that Goldie was interested in an Italian architect who was visiting in the states. So she goes to Italy... and he wines and dines her for a few days... and then she learns he is married. (just like Guido). They get an octopus from a local girl who bites its head off... and then off to the castle for a game of cards. Anita smokes a cigarette and tells Guido shes looking for some nooky, which is music to Guido's ears. They try to rush back to the hotel - but the bus won't be back for a few hours... so they decide to rent a hammock. After the steamy hammock scene - off to a bizarre beach. Meanwhile - Goldie can't hold it any longer and takes a pea behind a fishing boat.

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Lovers and Liars
Directed by - Mario Monicelli

Starring - Goldie Hawn Giancarlo Giannini Claudine Auger Laura Betti Aurore Clement Andrea Ferreol Lorraine De Selle Renzo Montagnani

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starring Goldie Hawn as Anita

Part four
Guido tells Anita to wait at the hotel while he goes and visits his father. When he arrives, he learns that his father just died. So Anita has to wait back at the hotel for a while. The family is hanging out in the kitchen and Guido's Mama gives him his father's shotgun. We learn Guido was the son who got the education, because Mama liked him the best. We also learn that Guido's dad liked to fool around too - and that he would go hunting with his shotgun when he wanted visit his mistress. Guido gets a visit from his Dad's mistress who wants to see his dead father.

The priest tries to keep some semblence of honor and dignity during the funeral procession - without much luck.

Part five
Anita gets tired of waiting, and takes a taxi to the train station. Guido finally hops in his car and heads off the taxi. Off to a restaurant and a little hand puppet show, and a fight at the disco before heading back to the hotel. Early the next morning, Guido slips away for his father's funeral. Anita learns the truth about Guido's marital status after reading a death notice posted outside the hotel. Anita comes to the funeral for a disturbing and comical scene the lays bare the lies, secrets and deceit of this dysfunctional Italian family.

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