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Summertime (1935) - Color - 7 min

LikeTelevision's cartoon channel proudly presents - Summertime, which features a creature that looks like the mythical Pan, playing his Zamfir Pan flute, trying to usher in some warm weather. But old Mr. Frost will have none... and blows some cold wind. This toon also features some other cool Greek myth creatures, including a gaggle of centaurs... or would you call that a herd of centaurs? Cool toon - check it out.

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Directed by - Ub Iwerks

(1935) - Color - 7 min

A little Pan tries to play his Zamfir Flute to bring in the warm weather. Actually Zamfir plays a Pan flute - check it out sometime on a late night infomercial.

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Directed by - Ub Iwerks

Starring - Pan, Jack Frost, Centaurs

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