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Suddenly, It's Spring (1944) - Color - 12 min

The LikeTelevision™ Cartoon channel proudly presents - Suddenly It's Spring, which features Johnny Gruelle's Raggedy Ann. Originally released for theaters, it's the story of a sick young girl named Nancy, who needs some sunshine to get well. So Raggedy Ann goes off on a kite ride to talk to the sun, who tells her to talk to Mr. Cloudy, who can not do a thing till Mr. Breezy moves him out of the way. Then, she must see Mr. Zero.... Yikes! Like many other cartoons from the era, this one contains racial stereotyping that is often offensive to some viewers. Our apologies, we present it as a piece of history. That said, it is still a nice peice of animation - check it out.

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Suddenly, It's Spring
Directed by - Noveltoon

(1944) - Color - 12 min

Sweet Raggedy Ann - and a big dose of racial stereotyping too!

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Suddenly, It's Spring
Directed by - Noveltoon

Starring - Raggedy Ann

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