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Scrappily Married (1945) - Color - 8 min

The LikeTelevision™ Cartoon channel proudly presents Scrappily Married, with Herman and Henry. Herman, the rooster is married to a mean old wife, a hen who likes to henpeck Henry, but itseems she is afraid of Herman the mouse, who comes to scare her away so Herman and Henry can shoot some pool and go drinking some liquor. Yes, this was originally made for children. Hiccup!

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Scrappily Married
Directed by - Seymour Kneitel

(1945) - Color - 8 min

Henry has a little too much to drink

Henry's wife cajoles him with the rolling pin... go sit on those eggs!

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Scrappily Married
Directed by - Seymour Kneitel

Starring - Animated by Orestes Calpini, Otto Feuer, Directed by Seymour Kneitel, Herman -the mouse, Henry, the henpecked Rooster His charming wife, and the cat.

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starring Herman the mouse and Henry the rooster

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