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Parrotville Post Office (1935) - Color - 8 min

The LikeTelevision™ Cartoon channel proudly presents Parrotville Post Office, with The Captain, Mrs. Perkins and her rambunctious parrot kids. Well, it seems the Black Parrot is on the loose, and he is knocking off Post Offices. And of course, he comes to the Caption's cozy PO, as he is watching Mrs. Perkins' kids. It seems like The Captain has a little thing for Mrs. Perkins, so he agrees to watch her kids. Well, when the evil villain comes, the kids end up saving the day by smacking the Black Parrot with some weights. In the end, The captain sends him via mail to the State Prison - now we thought this was a federal offense, so perhaps he should have gone to the Federal Prison - now who handled continuity for this cartoon?

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Parrotville Post Office
Directed by - Directed by Bert Gillett, Tom Palmer

(1935) - Color - 8 min

Mrs. Perkins sweet talking The Captain

Mrs. Perkins' kids hide in the mailbags

Parrotville Post Office Message Board

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Parrotville Post Office
Directed by - Directed by Bert Gillett, Tom Palmer

Starring -

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