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A-Lad-in-Bagdad (1938) - Color - 8 min

The LikeTelevision™ Cartoon channel proudly presents A-Lad-in-Bagdad, get it.... like Aladdin... and his magic lamp. This cartoon is very overtly racist - as the Black Genie is an ugly stereotype - and of course the villain, the evil Arab character, appears to be an early member of Al Queda, working for the notorious Osama Bin Laden. This funky cartoon features that egghead guy as Aladdin, who wins the lamp in one of those midway crane games -see the great gum grabber in the toy section if you are confused. Well, the Sultan plans an entertainment contest to see who gets to marry his daughter. And it appears he is smoking a houka, you know..... a water pipe, like in the Jefferson airplane song, White Rabbit, which featured the houka smoking catepillar. Got it? BTW - we know that Bagdad is really spelled Baghdad.... ummm, I think it is anyway. It is hard to believe this was made for children, huh? Our apologies - we present it as a piece of history.

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Directed by - Cal Dalton, Cal Howard

(1938) - Color - 8 min

Egghead and the Genie

The Sultan sucking on his houka!

A-Lad-in-Bagdad Message Board

LikeTelevision™ Cartoons, Classic TV
Directed by - Cal Dalton, Cal Howard

Starring - Egghead, the Sultan, the Genie, animated by Volney White, and written by Dave Monahan.

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Aladdin playing the classic midway game... and winning for a change.

The evil Arab villain is looking to ruin Egghead's day

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