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Last Man on Earth, The (1964) - B&W - 86 min

The Last Man on Earth was origianlly released in Italy as L'Ultimo uomo della Terra, and later redubbed in English as The Last Man on Earth. Starring Vincent Price, this is a terrific movie from 1964 based on Richard Matheson's classic Sc-Fi novel, I am Legend. A deadly virus (actually a bacillus, a rod shaped bacterium - like Bacillus anthracis, a.k.a. Anthrax) destroys most of the human population, turning people into horrible vampire zombie creatures who feed off of human blood. Vincent Price is a scientist trying to stay alive. He searches for a cure, destroys the monsters, and finds himself as the last real man on Earth. This film clearly inspired George Romero who directed the classic - Night of the Living Dead. In addition, Matheson's I am Legend was also the inspiration for Omega Man, with Charleton Heston. There is also a rumor of a remake of this classic, but the original will be hard to beat. We loved this film, and bet you will too!

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Last Man on Earth, The
Directed by - Sidney Salkow

(1964) - B&W - 86 min
Richard Morgan (Vincent Price) is a scientist who is desparately searching for a cure for a deadly virus that is destroying mankind. By day, he works with his microscope, destroys the vampire zombie monsters, and prepares for the night - when the creatures all come to life looking for the blood of fresh victims. Check out for Richard Matheson's novel - I am Legend, which is the inspiration for this film. They offer many free sample pages to read... and you will learn that Matheson is Stephen King's favorite author. Matheson also wrote a short story called Duel, which became Steven Speilberg's first acclaimed film by the same name, starring Dennis Weaver as David Mann, a motorist trying to avoid an insane driver of an oil tanker. Road Rage as art!

Part one
Intro, B&W, credits etc. The sign outside the community church reads.... The End is Here! - and indeed it sure seems like it. Vincent Price is scientist Richard Morgan, the only survivor of a devastating world-wide plague, due to his mysterious immunity to the deadly bacterium. He is all alone. His days are comprised of gathering his necessities (fresh garlic, mirrors, gas, etc) and tracking down and killing the hellish undead survivors - who thirst for blood... his blood! His nights are spent blockaded in his home, fighting off the attacks of an army of undead vampire zombies.

Vincent Price on a Stake Out - it's hammer time! Notice the fine craftsmanship on Uncle Vinnie's home made stakes, created with his Sears Craftsman lathe.

Ben Cortman, scientist - a.k.a. Uncle Ben - before he gets infected. Kind of looks like Vanilla Ice.

Part two
Day 2 begins with Morgan's routine with a stop at his dead wife's mausoleum to mourn her until after the sun goes down. He has to fight his way back home to avoid the attacking zombies, and then watches some home movies of his wife and family as the zombies try and break in. He begins to weep - and then flashes back to the days at the beginning of the plague... to his daughter's birthday party. We meet Uncle Ben - not the rice maven, but his fellow scientist, Ben Cortman.

Ruth Ellis - a vaccinated Zombie Vampire... will she be the last woman on Earth?

Part three
More Flashback... he goes to pick up his comrade Ben Cortman for another day at the office. Ben has had enough and appears to be infected. We see his daughter die, taken away by a truck, that dumps the bodies in a massive burning pit. Soon - his wife dies, and he sneaks her out, and buries her. He has a drink - when he hears someone at the door - his wife has come back looking for some fresh blood! We jump back to the present - with an army of zombies trying to break down the door. In the morning he finds his car destroyed - and goes and finds himself another Ford station wagon (I guess he's not a Chevy man). Morgan sees a dog... and chases after it but cannot catch it. He continues his search and finds other staked bodies - maybe he's not alone!

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Last Man on Earth, The
Directed by - Sidney Salkow

Starring - Vincent Price as Richard Morgan, Franca Bettoia as Ruth Collins, Emma Danieli as Virginia Morgan, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart as Uncle Ben Cortman, Christi Courtland as Kathy Morgan

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Richard Morgan battles with some uninvited guests

Part four
He returns home and fires up his shortwave radio transceiver looking for signs of life. But, Vincent is the the Ham radio operator out there - no reply. Later - the dog returns, but he soon learns it is infected with the virus, and has to kill it with his home lathed wooden stakes. Then - he finds another woman - and gives chase. Eventually, he catches her and they return to Morgan's home - where she tells him her story. But is she really another normal person? Morgan gives her a garlic braided necklace when he gets suspicious. Try diamonds, bub... garlic is not a vampire zombie hybrid's best friend!

Virginia Morgan - love that Concrete hair style, back in the days of White Rain!

Part five
Morgan tries a transfusion with the girl - in part 4 we learned the secret about why he was immune (he was biiten by a bat while working Panama). The test works! She likes garlic and can look at herself in the mirror! But wait - the army of vaccinated zombies has come to kill him. After a desparate chase scene through the local armory - he is killed in a church, on the altar no less, by a spear thrown into his heart! (the killer's name was no doubt Casca Longinus - he's the Roman soldier who speared Christ on the cross and later converted to Christianity). So what happens to the girl - is she the woman on Earth. We never know... The End!

A slide of bacillus anthrax - yes, it's true - anthrax is also a bacillus.

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