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Glass House, The (1972) - Color - 91 min

One of the best prison movies ever made, Truman Capote's The Glass House stars Alan Alda as a college professor who is tried and found guilty of manslaughter. Off to prison, he encounters the underground system, run by inmates and corrupt guards, and the notorious Hugo Slocum - the wretched leader who is as slimy as they come.

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Glass House, The
Directed by - Tom Gries

(1972) - Color - 91 min
After a drunk driver apparently kills his wife and runs over the baby carriage, Jonathon Paige, played by Alan Alda, in a fit of rage pushes the drunk, who hits his head on the car bumper and dies. Alda gets sent up the river to The Big House and finds trouble when he is assigned to the prison dispensary. Billy Dee Williams also stars as Lennox, a lifer at the prison trying to survive.

Part one
Intro, Color, credits etc. Jonathon Paige, a college professor is on his way to prison for manslaughter. The warden assigns Paige to the prison dispensary (where they hand out prescription medicine), and he meets up with the evil Hugo Slocum who wants Paige to give out some drugs to his stooge, Ajax.

Alan Alda as Jonathon Paige

Biily Dee Williams as Lennox sets Paige straight about prison life

Part two
Things heat up in cell block c, as Slocum applies more pressure and threatens Paige. Meanwhile - it seems Hugo has also taken a shining to the kid, who bunks next to Paige.

Dean Jagger as Warden Auerbach

Part three
The new prison guard starts suspecting some of his fellow guards, and is worried that somebody is going to killed. And somebody does get killed - the guy who was writing a book, who also has a little black book, with all of Slocum's misdeeds, and names of the corrupt guards. He slips it to Paige before he gets knifed in the prison yard. Hugo finds out and he wants it back.

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Glass House, The
Directed by - Tom Gries

Starring - Alan Alda as Jonathon Paige, Vic Morrow as Hugo Slocum, Clu Gulager as Brian Courtland, Billy Dee Williams as Lennox, Dean Jagger as Warden Auerbach, Kristoffer Tabori as Allan Campbell, Luke Askew as Bibleback, Scott Hylands as Ajax,

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Vic Morrow with that 70s look, stars as Hugo Slocum

Part four
In the gripping final act, the kid gives in to despair after being attacked - or as the guards say, Flyer in C Block. Later Paige does his best to escape all the bad guys, led by Slocum. If they catch him, he's dead. How could it get worse? Well it does. As Paige gets a zip gun from Lennox... Great ending!

The good new guard takes his oath and some prison art.

Alan Alda, as Jonathon Paige the college professor serving time for man slaughter

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Billy Dee Williams as Lennox

Roy Jenson as Officer Brown

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The evil one, Vic Morrow stars as the diabolical Hugo Slocum

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