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Angels Hard As They Come (1971) - Color - 88 min

LikeTelevision's movie channel proudly presents -Angels Hard As They Come, a classic biker movie. Warning: This film contains some gratuitous nudity, drugs and foul language, like most biker films. Angels Hard As They Come, was made in 1971, is an interesting piece of film history for a lot of reasons. Jonathan Demme produced the film and helped write the screenplay. Demme is best known for directing Philadelphia with Tom Hanks and Silence of the Lambs starring Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling and Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal Lecter. But here's a little factiod tie-in - Scott Glenn, the hero Long John in Angels Hard As They Come played Clarice's boss, Jack Crawford and Roger Corman was FBI Director Hayden Burke in Demme's film adaptation of the terrific Thomas Harris novel. Small world, huh?. Also of note, Angels Hard As They Come marks the screen debut of Gary Busey, who stars as the hippy, Henry - while in real life, he's an avid biker.

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Angels Hard As They Come
Directed by - Joe Viola

(1971) - Color - 88 min
The Biker Flick Genre - which started with L?szl? Benedek's The Wild One starring Marlon Brando, and perhaps peaked with Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider in 1969 starring Hopper and Peter Fonda, is really a lot like an updated day Western. It's interesting to note that Roger Corman, executive producer of Angels As Hard As They Come, directed a cool biker movie called The Wild Angels in 1966, starring Peter Fonda, Bruce Dern, and Nancy Sinatra, 3 years before Easy Rider. In Wild Angels, he used REAL Hell's Angels as actors -(yikes), and they threatened to kill Corman after the movie was a modest success, for making money off their name. (The Hell's Angels trademarked their name shortly after Wild Angels was released). Angels Hard As They Come features some mean bikers (the Dragons), some nice bikers (the Angels) who meet up with some hippies in a desert ghost town. Trouble follows as each group tries to find nirvana in a spiritual vacuum.

Part one
Intro, Color, credits, etc. In a quiet desert ghost town, we meet the Dragons, a vicious biker gang led by a pschyopath named The General, who resembles Charlies Manson. Also in the ghost town are a band of hippies who are trying to create a peaceful town with a new age church, led by Henry (Gary Busey) and Astrid (Gilda Texter), who likes to draw pictures. The Dragons meet some guys from another biker gang, the Angels - whose leader is a guy named Long John, played by Scott Glenn. Long John and Astrid have some ridiculous courtship conversations that seem to really capture the shallow, insipid spiritual philosophy of the love generation.

Look out - the bikers are not very nice to the hippy girls!

The Hippy insignia - I do not think they trademarked though.

Part two
The bikers and the hippies throw a massive all night party - with lots of drugs, free love and newly discovered dance expressions. Long John gets challenged to a drag race, but it's just a ruse by The General to get Astrid. Long John returns from the race and hears Astrid screaming. When the dust clears... Astrid is Dead - and the Angel bikers Long John, Monk and Juicer are captured and jailed by the Dragons. The Angels get a biker trial - with psycho General as the judge.

Gary Busey as Henry, a hippy guy who does a lot of talking, but never DOES anything

Part three
The Angels get dragged through by the Dragons' choppers, and then we head off to the desert for a crazy game of Chopper Pool. The balls are the Angel bikers -Long John, Monk, and Juicer who are chased by Dragon bikers wielding broken pool cues. The object is to score a goal by smacking the balls over the other teams goal. In the melee that follows - Monk escapes on a Dragons' chopper, but he runs out of gas in the middle of the desert.

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Angels Hard As They Come
Directed by - Joe Viola

Starring - Scott Glenn as Long John, Gary Busey as Henry, Charles Dierkop as The General, Gilda Texter as Astrid, James Inglehart as Monk, Don Carerra as Juicer, Brendan Kelly III as Brain, Janet Wood as Vicki, Gary Littlejohn as Axe,

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Scott Glenn as the sensitive Angel biker, Long John

Part four
Long John and Juicer get taken back to town and thrown in jail, while Monk tries to get back to the Angels' main base many miles away. Meanwhile, the hippies drug the two Dragons who are guarding Long John and Juicer in jail. There's a massive party that night - and the two angels break out of jail and hide in the town's church tower.

Charles Dierkop as The General, a Charlie Manson psycho biker from the evil Dragons

Part five
The General wakes up and finds that the Angels have escaped. So he decides to torture one of the hippy girls with a huge burning torch. The Angels don't want to see her get hurt, so they surrender. Then General decides he wants to kill them all anyway - but wait! It seems Monk made it to the Angel's hideout... and here come the Angels to save the day. Watch the stunning conclusion with the massive biker fight between the Dragons and the Angels - going chopper to chopper.

Gilda Texter as Astrid, who ends up on the wrong end of a knife

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A very long image, huh? You should check out the hi-rez images for this title - I think there's like 60 megs of images, YIKES!

When hippy girls have too much at the party - they do this crazy - I wanna be the biker's girl tonight dance.

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