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One Step Beyond - Night of April 14th (1959) - B&W - 24 min

This is a great One Step Beyond episode about the maiden voyage of the unsinkable Titanic, and a favorite of fans of this terrific Sci-Fi Tv show. A bride to be, played by Barbara Lord, has nightmares about drowning in icy waters. Her fiance, played by Patrick Macnee then tells her they will not honeymoon in Switzerland, but will take a cruise to New York on the Titanic. Patrick Macnee is best known for his role as Steed in The Avengers with Miss Emma Peel, played by enchanting Diana Rigg. Also of note - John Newland discusses a novel written by Morgan Robertson called Futility, written in 1898, 14 years before The Titanic sank. In the book, an unsinkable ship 800 feet long (Titanic was 882 feet) hits an iceberg and sinks. Both ships could go 25 knots, both carried around 3,000 passengers, and both sunk in April. Oddly enough - the ship in Robertson's novel was called the Titan. You also get some vintage special effects, that compared to James Cameron's 1997 movie look pretty lame, but for their day, these fx were the bomb! I prefer Macnee to Leonardo DiCaprio anyway. And Barbara Lord is very attractive, but Kate Winslet seems more compelling and lovely, probably because Lord is a bit whacko in this episode. This is a great episode - we should offer it as a download in the near future.

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One Step Beyond - Night of April 14th
Directed by -

(1959) - B&W - 24 min
Some shows deal with ESP, telepaths and other psycho stuff. If it's weird and you can't explain it - it's here. Best of all - all the stories are true ...or so they say!

Part one

A fashion artist feels compelled to draw this picture of a sinking ship

Oh my!

Part two

Patrick Macee

Part three

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One Step Beyond - Night of April 14th
Directed by -

Starring - Patrick Macnee, Barbara Lord, Isobel Elsom, Gavin Gordon, Marjorie Eaton, Jeanne Bates, John Craven, Gavin Muir, Francis De Sales

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Patrick Macnee and Barbara Lord, the newlyweds on the Titanic

Barbara Lord has nightmares

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