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Dementia 13 (1963) - B&W - 80 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Dementia 13 - written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Trouble lurks in an old Irish castle. A family of weirdos- but who is the killer? Is it?

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Dementia 13
Directed by - Francis Ford Coppola

(1963) - B&W - 80 min

Part one
Louise heads out to Ireland, seeking her fortune from her husband's rich family - after his accidental death.

Richard (William Campbell) The son who is a sculptor?

Billy - the other brother? (Bart Patton)

Part two
Louise tries messing with "mothers" head. Whlie mourning her lost daughter Kathryn, Louise comforts her. And then dredges up some of Kathryn's dolls and "plants' them in the pond where Kathryn died. Then she's "missing" - go to part 3.

Part three
More mayhem. A wax dummy of Kathryn is found in the pond. And the axe makes several appearances.

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Dementia 13
Directed by - Francis Ford Coppola

Starring - Luana Anders, William Campbell, Barbara Dowling

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The mother?

Part four
The conclusion. We finally learn the identity of the killer. See if you can figure it out.

Louise? (Luana Anders)

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