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One Step Beyond - Riddle (1959) - B&W - 23 min

This another great One Step Beyond episode. A guy riding on a train (The Bombay Express) with his wife in India goes ballistic when confronted by a fellow named Kumar offering to sell him some trinkets and a rooster. Good samaritan... I think not. This guy totally flies off the deep. Then he goes into a fugue state and his wife can't find him, so she gets some help from a missionary after the constable gives her the brush. We learn the India policeman knows a little secret history about the rooster saleman, and somebody is going to get murdered, but you'll have to watch it to learn the details.

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One Step Beyond - Riddle
Directed by -

(1959) - B&W - 23 min
Some shows deal with ESP, telepaths and other psycho stuff. If it's weird and you can't explain it - it's here. Best of all - all the stories are true ...or so they say!

This guy needs to chill - maybe that rooster might calm him down

The missionary plays doctor too.

I don't know what's come over him... he's never like this.

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One Step Beyond - Riddle
Directed by -

Starring - John Newland, Warren Stevens as Leonard Barrett, Bethel Leslie as Betty Barrett, Patrick Westwood as Kumar, Arthur Batanides as Constable Gaisingh Barry Atwater as Mr. Graham, the missionary, Leonard Strong as the Conductor

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Kumar is a nice guy - his kids now provide tech support for AOL

Oooo - who is this? Gotta watch it to find out

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